Karie provides guidance on navigating and adapting to internal role changes, transitions and promotions, as well as advice on making a smooth transition to a new company.

Karie served as an associate director for Kellogg's Career Management Center from 2002-2007, working with students and alumni on all aspects of career development and job search management.

Karie can help you identify, articulate and reach for that next step, whether it's looking for a new job, making a move internally, getting promoted, seeking expert resume review & feedback, or carving out a completely new path. Her specialties include search strategy creation, networking, resume refinement, interview preparation, negotiation and changing careers.

She’s worked extensively with professionals and entrepreneurs in a broad range of industries and specialties, from marketing, finance and healthcare to law, technology, nonprofit and the arts, and she’s earned a solid reputation for listening intently, asking direct, focused questions, and providing top-notch resume review & feedback. With an eye for detail and a love of language, she’s helped thousands update and fine-tune their resumes, bios and profiles. Karie can also help you navigate the challenges of interview preparation, including company research and follow-up strategies.

Prior to serving as an Associate Director for Kellogg’s Career Management Center from 2002-2007, Karie was a Vice President with Lee Hecht Harrison, a global talent/leadership development and career management firm, where she provided coaching to senior executives, managers and associates, facilitated in-house and client-site seminars and workshops, and managed training and certification initiatives for local professional staff.

Karie has additional experience as an educator, corporate trainer, professional editor, instructional designer and writing consultant, and she holds a BA in English from the University of Michigan and an MA in education from the University of Chicago. A native Chicagoan, she lives in the city with her husband and dog.

When you are ready to begin, send an email to Karie at karie-davis@kellogg.northwestern.edu. Please attach a recent copy of your resume.




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