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Enrollment classifications

For loan and enrollment verification purposes, student status is defined as follows during regular terms or the summer quarter:

  • Full-time: Enrolled in at least three units per quarter or the equivalent.
  • Half-time: Enrolled in at least 1.5 but fewer than three units per quarter or the equivalent.
  • Less than half-time: Enrolled in fewer than 1.5 units per quarter or the equivalent.
    • Please note, while students who are enrolled less than half-time are not eligible for federal student loans, they can still utilize available private loans.

Withdrawal information

Anyone withdrawing from Kellogg must immediately submit a withdrawal request via BidReg. The leave of absence/or term withdrawal request e-form is located in BidReg under “My Academics” > “Leave of Absence/Withdrawal”. Once submitted, the withdrawal request will be routed to the appropriate Kellogg offices. If you have any questions about the BidReg withdrawal request process, please contact the Kellogg Registrar at

If you live in McManus or Engelhart, please notify NU Housing at that you are withdrawing from the university.

Contact us about financial aid for Full-Time MBA Programs.

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