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Your investment, your future

There are many ways to go about financing your MBA — loans, scholarships, VA benefits and the list goes on. But the thing they have in common is a complex process to apply, secure and navigate the funds you need to make your MBA goals a reality. That’s where we come in. 

Our financial aid officers are experts in the field. They’re here to help you identify funding options, while simplifying the process of securing support.

2024-2025 tuition and estimated first-year expenses

Tuition $115,936
$87,795 $111,480 $108,606
Food and housing $28,200 $21,150 $21,150 $28,200 $28,200
Books and supplies $2,736 $2,052 $2,052 $2,736 $2,637
Travel $2,064 $1,548 $1,548 $2,064 $2,064
Personal $3,600
$2,700 $3,600 $3,600
Health insurance $6,975
$5,571 $6,975 $5,830
Computer equipment $1,200
$1,200 $1,200 ---
University Health Services fee $828 $828 $828 $828 $828
Student activity and experience fee $1,400 $1,400 $1,400 $1,400 ---
Student association fee $520 $390 $390 $520 ---
First year fee
$2,000 ---
Loan fees $3,868 $2,742 $3,162 $3,596 $3,721
Student travel fee --- --- --- --- ---
Estimated expenses $168,327

*MBAi estimated expenses are for the first year, which are three academic quarters.

**MMM estimated first-year expenses include the summer quarter.
Second-year MMM expenses are the same as the Two-Year MBA Program.

Find options to offset your costs

Resources for securing a loan

There are several ways you can secure a loan and even more types of loans to choose from. The Kellogg financial aid advisors are the experts you want to help you navigate where, how and when to apply. 

More ways to fund your MBA

Accessing the support you need to finance your educational goals is more important than ever. Explore these resources.


Get more information about the wide variety of scholarships we offer. You’ll also find details about merit- or need-based awards, as well as scholarships specially designed for second-year MBA students.

Billing & refunds

Find more details about the tuition payment process, online billing, refunds and deadlines.

Veteran benefits

Get information on pre-qualifications and eligibility for veterans benefits, including the Yellow Ribbon Program and the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Billing timelines for the Full-Time MBA Program

Academic quarter
eBill available online
Payment due date
Summer quarter (One-Year, MMM) June 10 July 1
Fall quarter Aug. 10 Sept. 1
Winter quarter Dec. 10 Jan. 1
Spring quarter March 10 April 1

How to authorize others to view your bill online 
Access your tuition details

Contact us about financial aid for Full-Time MBA Programs.

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