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There is no singular path to business school

For many candidates, the admissions process is not a straight timeline. Three common circumstances for our candidates are reapplying, deferrals and waitlist. If your situation does not fit into these typical areas, the Evening & Weekend admissions team always here to answer questions and help you navigate your next step.


Candidates are eligible to reapply if you have made significant changes to your previous application. For many of our candidates, additional time and work experience will help you explain what a Kellogg MBA will help you achieve.

If you reapply to Kellogg, you must:

  • Complete a new online application
    • Any previously submitted transcripts and valid test scores can be used in the new application
    • All other material will need to be updated and resubmitted
  • Complete the required re-application essay (300 words or fewer) outlining the significant changes to your application
  • Submit the $185 reapplication fee
  • Complete a new interview with the admissions team. Please connect with your admissions officer for questions around the reapplication process

To ease into the reapplication process, your test scores and transcripts will automatically be transferred into your new application. All other materials will need to be resubmitted. New materials (e.g., resume, essays, test scores, letters of recommendation) that strengthen your application may be submitted at your discretion. If you previously applied with a GMAT/GRE waiver, we encourage you to consider taking the GMAT/GRE to demonstrate academic readiness.

If your application materials are more than a year old, you must submit a new application in its entirety.


The waitlist process can be trying, but we are committed to sending you updates as soon as they are ready.

You may upload additional application documents through the Application Status Page, such as an updated resume. Please do not submit additional letters of recommendation or references from third parties. Additionally, we do not re-interview waitlisted candidates.

Updates are reviewed by the committee on an ongoing basis. Your admissions officer will be in contact with you regarding any requests from the admissions committee or updates on your application. However, the applicant pool varies each year, and therefore we cannot predict exactly how many applicants will be offered admission, your specific chances of being offered a seat in the class, or a timeline for decisions.

Waitlist notifications may occur at any time throughout the cycle.

All waitlisted applicants who are not admitted are welcome to reapply in a subsequent application year. In fact, we encourage it! It’s important to note that no preference is given to re-appliers. All applications are evaluated in the same way.



If you were admitted to the Evening & Weekend Program and are seeking a deferral, please contact your admissions officer. Deferrals are rare, though are considered for medical related situations and military deployments.