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Austin Scholar values


Our community of Austin Scholars exudes top leadership characteristics that align with our school’s ethos.  There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to developing leaders. Our scholars are well-rounded professionals who seek to engage authentically and intentionally to create a positive impact in their communities and spark significant growth in companies.  

We consider the following areas when identifying Austin Scholars: 


Curious intellect

Curiosity drives learning. At the root of academic excellence is a healthy dose of intellectual inquiry. We encourage independent exploration of thought and critical analysis.


Inspirational action

The network of Austin Scholars inspires action and promotes growth. They skillfully wield influence to encourage favorable business outcomes.


Engaged leadership

Demonstrating a genuine interest in the lives of others helps instill a high level of emotional awareness that fosters healthy interactions. Authentic engagement is crucial for leading and empowering others.


Relentless creativity 

Austin Scholars are innovators at heart. They know the key to any business’ success lies in creating better solutions through multidisciplinary teamwork.