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Research Support leads training sessions throughout the year to share best practices for data management and code development:

Research Skills

A set of workshops that take place each summer for predoctoral Research Fellows and PhD students. Students apply principles for good research replication - automation, abstraction, documentation, and testing - see how to apply these principles to situations where you work with data taken  from Qualtrics, WRDS, or the Kellogg Data Cloud.

Here is a collection of videos students view to prepare for those workshops.

Research the Right Way

A series of topic-based sessions that take place periodically throughout the year. Each session takes a deep dive into an applied topic and shows how to apply the reproducibility principles to that topic. "Right Way" sessions also prepare researchers to meet stricter journal requirements for openness, replication, and data provenance. Topics include Web Scraping, Querying Large Datasets, and Data Use Agreements ... the Right Way.

PhD Guest Lectures

We can also present tailored best-practices training directly to your PhD elective courses. Examples of this include MKTG 531 (managing survey data and inserting results to papers programmatically), OPNS 523 (replicable R programming), and MECS 551 (issues related to health economics data.)

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