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Each study or exploratory survey using the Behavioral Lab space, resources, or subject pools must receive Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to protect the rights and welfare of research participants. Include in your IRB protocol that you are recruiting from the Kellogg Research Registry STU00008432 if you are using the participant pool. Ask the lab staff to help you navigate the IRB process.

Is Your Study Human Subjects Research?

If you are not sure whether or not your study qualifies as human subjects research, you are encouraged to complete the NU IRB Human Research Determination Form. Note that journals may request a Human Research Determination Form even if it appears clear that your study does not involve human research. 

New Study Submission Guidelines

  1. Identify the Study Team
    Study team members are all individuals, both internal and external, who have a significant role in the research design, conduct or reporting of the research. If your coauthor is at another institution, you may consider an IRB Reliance

  2. Complete Human Subjects Protection Training
    All study team members on active IRB studies must have completed human subjects protection training within the past 3 years. Additional Information about CITI training accepted by NU can be found here.

  3. Register in eIRB+
    To add study team members to a study in eIRB+, they must be registered. Additional information about eIRB+ registration can be found here.

  4. Develop Data Collection/Experimental Materials
    Any data collection tools and materials that a participant might see or interact with as part of the study must be submitted. All advertisements, recruitment scripts, social media postings, etc. must be submitted to the IRB for review. Please see the IRB’s recruitment material guidelines for more information on what language is required within a recruitment document.

  5. Develop the Study Protocol and Consent
    Download and complete the latest templates from the IRB website

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