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Lab processes and requirements

  1. Before conducting research in the lab, we require completion of a Behavioral Lab Intake Form for each request type:
      • Online, asynchronous study
      • Virtual Zoom study

      • In-person, in-lab study

      • Reproducibility check

      • IRB consultation

      • Survey development

      The earlier we discuss your project, the greater likelihood that we can match your desired deadline. 

  2. Please attach your IRB approval letter to the Intake Form if you already have approval or exemption status. IRB approval is required before any new study, preliminary activity, or exploratory survey can be launched with lab assistance. Ask us to assist with the IRB submission process.
  3. We will review your request and one of our behavioral research fellows will follow up within 1-2 business days. Our fellows work with multiple investigators, on multiple projects, and function in the place of a traditional Research Assistant. The behavioral lab manages these staff rather than individual investigators.
  4. For a study launch, the assigned research fellow is responsible for launching the study to our student pool, community poolor online platform, scheduling lab space, recruiting participants, facilitating participant compensation, and granting credit.
  5. Researchers using the lab are required to provide lab staff with access to their experiment and supplementary study materials prior to study launch in advance of online data collection. Our team will review and test all aspects of your study before recruiting participants as a quality assurance measure. 
  6. Investigators may not have access to identifiable participant information or contact participants directly.
  7. Researcher funds will be used to compensate participants and RAs.
  8. See more at FAQ Researcher.

In-Lab studies

  • It is best practice for the researcher to visit the lab space and review any materials the lab ordered in person before inviting participants.
  • We require the materials and at least a week in advance of inviting participants for in-lab data collection.
  • We will likely suggest you hire additional RAs to run the study most efficiently.
  • When using the Kellogg subject pool, reference STU00008432 in the IRB protocol recruitment section.

Online studies

  • Individual investigators will not need to personally access Sona, the Kellogg mTurk Panel, or any desired online platform.
  • Payment rates and methods may vary based on the online platform.
  • We require access to the experiment and supplementary study materials at least 2 business days prior to study launch.
  •  If using Kellogg’s subject pools, reference STU00009026 in the IRB protocol recruitment section.

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