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Lab services and staff are available to all Kellogg faculty, PhD students, and Post-docs. Our three full-time Behavioral Research Fellows are available to assist investigators with full life-cycle research support at no cost. Their services include tasks such as:

  1. Experimental Development: The Lab's Research Fellows can contribute to your team as you brainstorm sampling strategies, experimental manipulations, and survey design.
  2. Study material development: Ask us to help you program your Qualtrics survey, create custom images, sound recordings, and other stimuli for your study.
  3. Study execution: Lab staff can execute studies online or in-person in the lab. They can schedule sessions, invite participants, obtain consent, deploy your study, debrief and compensate participants, and manage the collection of research data.
  4. Reproducibility check: Ask us to review your data and SPSS or R analysis documentation. We will provide feedback on the reproducibility of your results.
  5. IRB consultation: We can help you navigate the IRB process and provide feedback on your forms before submission.

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