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A Top Global Case Competition

“When you have this many really talented, gifted and experienced individuals working on healthcare problems you realize that over time, they can have an impact and make the world a better place.” Hear from Professor Tim Calkins, Academic Director of the competition, about what makes this event so special.

Kellogg Biotech + Healthcare Case Competition 

Every year, student teams from around the world gather in Evanston to compete in the Kellogg Biotech + Healthcare Case Competition

The Kellogg Biotech + Healthcare Case Competition is one of the oldest and most prestigious case competitions in the world. The 2025 competition will be the 24th annual event.

The format of the competition has remained relatively consistent: teams of students from top universities gather in Evanston, Illinois, to present their recommendations for addressing a complex healthcare problem. Judges from top healthcare firms evaluate the presentations and select the winners.

The topic is new each year. The one constant is that it is a complex question. One year teams had to consider how to build acceptance for the COVID vaccine, another year the topic was increasing chlorhexidine use in Nigeria, and still another year teams had to forecast revenues for Palforzia, a treatment for peanut allergies.

The competition brings together some of the most talented and enthusiastic emerging healthcare leaders. The goals of the event are to build connections, enhance skills and hopefully have a small impact on improving health outcomes.

Applications are due in November and the competition is in January.

Previous Case Competitions

Kellogg Team Wins 2024 Biotech and Healthcare Case Competition

On January 27, twelve teams from eleven top business schools competed in the 2024 Kellogg Biotech + Healthcare Case Competition in Evanston, Illinois. This was the 24th year of the event, and once again competition was fierce. Moderna sponsored the weekend.

A team from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management won the competition, with a team from Chicago Booth finishing second.

The topic this year: how can Novo Nordisk ensure that under-served communities in the United States benefit from the weight-loss drug, Wegovy? The case was complex, forcing teams to consider a range of dynamics from market access to physician education to patient acceptance. Given the enormous potential population for weight-loss drugs as well as capacity constraints, how should Novo approach the opportunity? Obesity is linked to a range of health-issue, but the cost and patient hesitancy are major barriers.

The winning teams developed thoughtful plans that addressed multiple stakeholders in a creative, strategic way. The teams then presented their recommendations with confidence and conviction.

The final round teams came from a remarkable collection of schools: SDA Bocconi School of Management, Johnson School of Business at Cornell, Chicago Booth, Duke Fuqua, Northwestern Kellogg, Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, Jones School of Business at Rice University, Michigan Ross School of Business, and Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

A total of 64 teams from 25 schools in 7 countries applied to the event. Judges were healthcare executives from companies including AbbVie, Astellas and Lundbeck.

The winning team from Kellogg: Allie Myers, Kyle Reed, Olivia Bounadere, Jon Chuko and Mahbod Pourriahi.

The second place team from Chicago Booth: Hayden Koerwer, Liisa Parts, Amrish Soundararajan, Pengyu Yi.

First place team from Kellogg

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