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Conflict & Cooperation Conference, May 9-10, 2012

Presented by the Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship and the Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences Department

James L. Allen Center
Northwestern University
2169 North Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208

Conference Organizer: Sandeep Baliga


Francesco Caselli
London School of Economics
The Geography of Inter-State Resource Wars

Bard Harstad
Kellogg School of Management
The Market for Conservation and Other Hostages

Adam Meirowitz
Princeton University
Mediation and Strategic Militarization
(co-authored with Massimo Morelli, Kris Ramsay, and Francesco Squintani)

Sandeep Baliga
Kellogg School of Management
The Self-Defeating Rationale for Torture
(co-authored with Jeff Ely)

Alex Wolitzky
Stanford University
Cycles of Distrust: An Economic Model
(Joint paper with Daron Acemoglu)

Attila Ambrus
Harvard University
Pirates of the Mediterranean: An Empiricle Investigation of Bargaining
(Joint paper with Eric Chaney)