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Welcome to the Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University!

Organizations and institutions – their origins, their evolution, their structure, their practices, their actions, their impact on individuals, society, the environment, as well as their interactions with other institutions and organizations – are studied by a number of disciplines. These include economics, political science, sociology, social psychology. At the Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship, we seek to support and encourage multiple different approaches to understanding organizations and institutions and their social and political impact, with particular emphasis on multidisciplinary projects.

Areas of inquiry

The Center supports research on institutions within more economically advanced societies and encourages expertise and interest in global issues, focusing on developing economies and emerging institutions in the context of increasing globalization. With ever-deepening interconnections worldwide, questions of how institutions and organizations originating in one society affect the behaviors and institutions of another or broader society are increasingly important. Examples include the impact of social media on political activism and the cross-national transmission of cultures. In particular, the Center has supported academic research and practical inquiry in the following areas:
• Conflict and Cooperation
• Crisis Management and Private Politics
• Institutions and Political Economy
• Values-Based Leadership


To pursue our mission and purpose, the Center hosts post-doctoral fellows, provides small-project funding, convenes academic conferences and workshops, sponsors seminars, and hosts visiting academics who occasionally offer mini-courses on specific topics at the graduate and postgraduate level.

For more information, please contact Professor Georgy Egorov, the Ford Center's director.

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Georgy Egorov
Director, Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship