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Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs 

At Kellogg, we believe that one of the best ways to support student entrepreneurs is getting them into the world to investigate problems with their own eyes. In this spirit, we offer two experiential programs under one entrepreneurial umbrella: the Levy Inspiration Grant Program and Levy Inspiration Treks. Each funded by a generous gift from Larry and Carol Levy, these programs share a goal of moving beyond online and secondary research and allowing students to speak directly with experts, researchers, founders, and potential customers in the hopes that they'll be inspired to build a business and solve big, gnarly problems across the globe.

  • With the Levy Inspiration Grant Program, you'll travel as an individual or pair with a topic and itinerary designed by you to achieve your goals in investigating a problem.
  • On a Levy Inspiration Trek, you'll join a group of 10-12 fellow students on a short trek centered around a specific topic that is entirely designed and led by our esteemed Kellogg faculty, where you'll learn more about the topic and build rapport with classmates with a similar interest.

Learn more about each of these programs below.

Levy Inspiration Grant Program

The Levy Inspiration Grant Program provides up to $5,000 for students who want to be an entrepreneur to immerse themselves directly in the market they wish to address. Rather than studying a problem from afar, we want you to experience it firsthand. As the name implies, the core tenets of this program are inspiration, exploration, and immersion. What you immerse yourself in and where you do it is completely up to you. With a Levy Inspiration Grant, we want you to go see for yourself

When students return from their perspective-altering trips, they are asked to bring back a physical artifact as a symbolic representation of their travel. Along with this artifact, they also sit down with the Entrepreneurship at Kellogg team for an interview to reflect on their experiences, recounting impactful stories and takeaways from their adventure. These interviews are distilled down into episodes for the Levy Inspiration Grant Program podcast,  allowing us to compile an ever-growing archive of student-driven knowledge. 

Watch the program trailer

Curious what it looks like to go on a Levy Inspiration Grant trip? Hear some of our student travelers share the impact of their experience in the program.

Levy Inspiration Treks

A group of students posing in in front of an office titled Firefly Health
"I learned so much from this experience, and grew in ways that I wasn't expecting. These experiences have inspired me and given me the confidence to pursue career paths that had previously felt inaccessible."
Rebecca Moshfegh '23
Two-Year MBA Program

Ready to apply?

As you consider building your application, please know that we expect to see some level of entrepreneurial involvement during your time at Kellogg so far, such as classes, co-curriculars, clubs, or participation in other Northwestern entrepreneurial programs.

Application deadlines vary depending on your intended travel dates. If you are approved for an Inspiration Grant, your travel must take place within the current or next quarter from when you have applied and all travel must be completed by graduation

Application Deadlines:

  • For travel during November/December, the deadline to apply is October 1and decisions will be shared by October 10. 

  • For travel during March/Spring Break, the deadline to apply is January 15, and decisions will be shared by January 25

  • For travel outside these parameters, the deadline to apply is 2 months prior to your anticipated travel start date.

Before submitting an application, we recommend taking a thorough look through the Program Guide below to learn about the ins-and-outs of the program, including application tips, deliverables, and other important details.

View Program Guide

Apply Here


For any questions that aren't covered in our Program Guide, please reach out to to learn more. 

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