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Entrepreneurship at Kellogg comprises faculty and staff bridging entrepreneurship, growth and scaling, corporate innovation, family enterprise, private equity, venture capital, real estate and technology innovation. Learn more about our affiliate centers within the Kellogg School of Management.

Kellogg School Affiliate Centers

Entrepreneurship at Kellogg encompasses three elements: entrepreneurship, growth and scaling and corporate innovation. The institute and centers that compromise Entrepreneurship at Kellogg fall under each of these focus areas in the following manner:

Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship affiliate center ecosystem

Levy Institute for Entrepreneurial Practice

The Levy Institute for Entrepreneurial Practice was established in 2003 through an endowment by Larry and Carol Levy. The Levy Institute provides the foundation for entrepreneurship curriculum and engagement activities for Kellogg students. As part of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Kellogg, the Levy Institute works in tandem with like-minded centers, alumni networks and organizations across Kellogg’s network to foster entrepreneurial successes for Kellogg students and alumni.

Heizer Center for Private Equity & Venture Capital

The Heizer Center for Private Equity & Venture Capital focuses on research, education and alumni outreach. The center serves as the home of Kellogg’s educational efforts on private equity and venture capital and works closely with Kellogg’s Finance Department and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Additionally, the Heizer Center conducts alumni outreach to continue to disseminate research and knowledge.

Center for Research in Technology and Innovation

The Center for Research in Technology and Innovation plays a pivotal role in understanding, solving and forecasting the most pressing issues innovators in business world face today, and in the future.

Kellogg Center for Family Enterprise

Established in 1999, the Kellogg Center for Family Enterprise focuses on teaching, research, and case writing on the following topics for family businesses: strategy, governance, succession and entrepreneurship, offices, culture and foundations. The Center’s mission is to build a family-business community among Kellogg students, faculty and alumni.

Kellogg Sales Institute

The Kellogg Sales Institute is founded on two core beliefs. First, we believe that high performing salespeople possess a critical balance of knowledge, skill and discipline. Second, we believe it is the job of sales leaders to absorb the ambiguity that exists as companies grow and change, and to translate that ambiguity into concrete actions for sales people. The mission of the KSI is to develop and deliver transformational insights, content and courses that inspire sales people and their leaders to show up, stand out and break through on every call and in every room.


Kellogg hosts entrepreneurship events year-round for students, alumni, faculty and a strong entrepreneurial network.


Our faculty and programming provide real-world insights and solutions to the broader business community.

Did you know?

Northwestern University offers a startup-minded ecosystem of support for entrepreneurs across campus. Whether you need workspace, mentorship or legal services, our campus partners offer a variety of services to meet your needs.