Resources for International Students

Adapting to Life at Kellogg

Kellogg offers select resources for international students to provide the tools needed to excel in a new environment.

Our three-week-long acculturation program in the summer, the American Culture and English Program (ACE), is unique to Kellogg. Free to students, along with year-round English Language Coaching (ELC), it assists international students in cultivating the skills and confidence they need for success in the MBA classroom amid American culture. Every year, we see nearly 100 students take advantage of one or both opportunities.

These resources will not only help you feel more comfortable speaking up both inside and outside the classroom, but also provide a deep dive into fun topics like American sports and popular culture in order to fully enjoy social events and extracurriculars with the greater Kellogg community.

American Culture and English Program

The American Culture and English Program, which is unique to Kellogg, provides international students with intensive, pre-term exposure, learning and practice in norms of American culture and society and the skills needed to be successful in the American MBA classroom.

Designed in conjunction with Northwestern University’s School of Continuing Studies for incoming MMM and Two-Year MBA Program students with limited exposure to English as a primary language, the four-week ACE Program gives you a chance to acclimate to American culture before the rest of your classmates arrive.

English Language Coach

The English Language Coach works with international students one-on-one to improve your skills and confidence with regards to making the most of your experience at Kellogg and in the U.S.

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