Understanding Your Health Insurance Plan

Get the cost breakdown and information about eligible dependents

Northwestern University has determined that all incoming full-time international students will be automatically enrolled in the University’s Aetna health insurance plan. “International Student” is defined as a student holding a J-1 or H-1 student visa, which includes exchange students. The cost is approximately $1,000-$1,200. We do realize that can be an inconvenience for some of you, but there are no exceptions to this requirement.

You will be billed automatically, and can pay online via CAESAR.

Dependent Health Insurance

Students may secure coverage for their dependents through the Aetna Student Health Plan providing they reside with the student. Dependents are defined as:

  • a married spouse
  • a spouse or a domestic partner (same sex)
  • unmarried children (newborn up to age 26)

NU students who wish to purchase coverage for their eligible dependents may do so by completing the Dependent Application online along with payment.

Admission Health Record

Separate from the health insurance is an Admission Health Record that is required of all enrolling students. It is imperative that you complete the form and drop this off at the Health Service upon your arrival in Evanston. Please review the form before you leave for Evanston, since portions of it require information from your doctor.

You will drop this form off at Searle Hall (located at 633 Emerson Street, Evanston, IL), upon your arrival.

Please note that students who come from countries deemed to be more at risk for tuberculosis may need to get a TB test and possibly, a chest x-ray.

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