Evening & Weekend Exchange Programs

Learn about Business from a Different Perspective

Choose to study abroad at a school in Latin or South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia or Oceania.

Kellogg has one of the largest exchange programs with nearly 60 Evening & Weekend MBA students participating in short-term study abroad programs each year. Through our 30 partner schools, our exchange program offers you the opportunity to learn in-depth about business from a different cultural perspective, immerse yourself in a culture outside of the U.S. and broaden your network significantly.

Students who participate in exchange are uniquely positioned to explore global leadership opportunities. Whether providing consulting services for a small, family-run business in South Africa, studying luxury retail marketing in France, or taking finance courses in London or Hong Kong, the student exchange experience is intended to build on Kellogg’s global experience and provide you with an immersion that adds value to your time at Kellogg.

My time on exchange allowed me to expand my professional network, adding a global network of INSEAD alumni to my already valuable network from Kellogg. Long-term, I fully intend to ‘pay it forward’ to members of both of these networks, and I hope my fellow alumni will do that same for me.

Ajay Balachandran, INSEAD, Paris
The International Exchange Program at Kellogg was started in 1980 with a vision to promote a cultural interchange of ideas and provide a greater understanding of cross-cultural trade and business practices. Since that time, more than 2,000 Kellogg students have participated in the Exchange Program. The local student body and academic culture at each of the schools with which Kellogg maintains an exchange program represents a unique approach to solving problems.

Preparation for Evening & Weekend Students to Study Abroad

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Logistics of the Evening & Weekend Exchange Program

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Participating Schools

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Exchange Class Transfers

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