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To educate, equip & inspire brave leaders who build strong organizations and wisely leverage the power of markets to create lasting value.

Key Facts

Class of 2020 46% women admitted

46% Women

94% Employment Rate

60,000+ Alumni Network

338.5 Million plus raised in Transforming Together campaign

$338.5M+ Campaign Progress

7 Campuses Worldwide

Our Thought Leadership

Reevaluating Incremental Innovation

Harvard Business Review / Companies are encouraged to think big if they want to win. But research by Professor Gregory Carpenter shows that when it comes to innovation in the consumer goods industry, thinking small is more often the route to growth.

How Marketing Leaders Can Thrive Amidst “Tectonic” Shifts in Expectations

Kellogg Insight / Four experts discuss CMOs’ unique opportunity to drive growth and collaboration across their companies.

The Case for Revamping 401(k)s

The Wall Street Journal / Article by Visiting Professor Benjamin Harris argues that the current way retirement security is subsidized in the United States is ineffective, regressive and in pressing need of reform.

Podcast: How to Be a Great Mentor

Kellogg Insight / Plus, some valuable career advice that applies to just about everyone.

How to give a presentation with confidence

Quartz / Article by Professor Tim Calkins discusses how the key to delivering a great presentation is to speak with confidence. If a presenter is hesitant, people might think they aren’t credible.

Why Economic Crises Trigger Political Turnover in Some Countries but Not Others

Kellogg Insight / The fallout can hinge on how much a country’s people trust each other.