About Kellogg

Since 1908, the Kellogg School of Management has been at the forefront of transforming business education.

Kellogg is a global business school with a vibrant community of faculty, staff, students and alumni who shape the practice of business and organizations around the world. Kellogg brings a blend of theory and practice to its rigorous academic experience, creating a dynamic research and learning environment.

The Kellogg Purpose

To educate, equip and inspire leaders who build strong organizations and wisely leverage the power of markets to create lasting value.

Dean Francesca Cornelli

Meet Dean Cornelli

Francesca Cornelli serves as the dean of Kellogg and holds the Donald P. Jacobs Chair of Finance.

Kellogg's Key Facts

Kellogg's expansive alumni network includes more than 65,000 alumni across more than 120 countries


99% of Kellogg's 2Y Class of 2022 received a job offer three months post-graduation

48% on a purple background

Kellogg's Class of 2024 is comprised of a record-breaking 48% women.

$19 billion on a purple background

Companies founded by Kellogg students and alumni have raised more than $19 billion in funding in the last 10 years

Kellogg has seven campuses in its premier executive MBA network

Seventeen on a purple background.

Kellogg has 19 alumni serving as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies

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News & Thought Leadership

China's Real Covid Crisis Is Yet To Come

BLOOMBERG / Professor Nancy Qian discusses how Chinese leaders may find returning the country to normalcy more difficult than preparing to sustain the pandemic. 

3 Ways AI Can Help You Improve Diversity

KELLOGG INSIGHT / There are new ways to improve diversity, fairness, and merit—with the data already on hand in your enterprise.

Research: How Our Class Background Affects the Way We Collaborate

HBR / Professor Nicole Stephens' research shows that interdependent teamwork - focusing on a group's collective expertise and skills - enable Americans from lower social class backgrounds to shine. 

Recessions Can Stifle Product Innovation for Years

KELLOGG INSIGHT / To keep companies innovating through the current recession, they will need greater access to credit.

How You Can Make a More Positive Social Impact

KELLOGG INSIGHT / A 3-step guide to becoming a more thoughtful consumer and donor. 

Why Home Buyers Should Comparison Shop for Mortgage Rates - But Don't

WSJ / Professor Scott Baker shares how even the slightest difference in interest-rates can lead to major savings. 

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