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It’s home to the world’s second largest population — more than 1.2 billion people — and now, one of the globe’s biggest economies. But for years, India’s rise as a powerhouse economy has been overshadowed by its even larger neighbor, China. As China’s economy sputters, the Indian economy continues to grow. Last year, India’s economy grew by more than 7 percent, mostly powered by increasing output from its manufacturing sector. By most accounts, that trajectory is expected to continue in the years to come. India is also outperforming other emerging markets. According to Forbes, India “was the best-performing emerging market in 2014, delivering over 29 percent,” making it increasingly attractive to investors both in and outside the country. India’s rise and steady growth has led to an outpour of opportunities. And as its economy continues to evolve, India’s business culture transforms and adapts to a new status quo. Some Kellogg graduates are leading the way.

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