Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015



Students trek to Seattle
to visit top tech companies

If you’re trying to find your fit in an industry as broad as technology, researching a company only goes so far. Often, you have to see that company firsthand to know if it’s where you belong.

That was the motivation behind the Kellogg’s Dec. 15 trip to Seattle, where a group of 20 students visited the offices of Amazon, Zillow and Microsoft.

The trip was part of the Career Management Center’s treks program, which takes small groups of students (typically 10 to 30 people) to visit companies in specific industries and locations. This academic year, Kellogg students and the CMC teamed up to organize approximately 30 trips with themes that included luxury goods and retail (New York), venture capital (San Francisco) and investment banking (Hong Kong).

“This is an educational program,” explains Silvia Bajo, an associate director and career coach for the CMC. “It’s a way for students to learn about companies in a sector to see if they’re a fit.”

On the Seattle trip, students toured each company’s office and listened to panel discussions about what it was like to work at them. Many of those panel participants included Kellogg alumni, who were particularly open and honest with the students, says Meghan Weinman ’16, an MMM student who helped organize the trip.

“There’s something about the Kellogg culture … [that we] could immediately relate to each other,” she recalls. “The Kellogg alumni understood the skills that we could bring to the table.”