Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015




Professor Jeanne Brett offers tips to remember when negotiating across cultures.

check Do your research. Learn about the company and, as much as possible, about the people with whom you will be negotiating.
check Try to get an introduction from someone who knows you and the counterpart.
check Build a relationship with the counterpart and show respect.
check Assess the likely trust environment. If trust is likely, be prepared to initiate and reciprocate trust. If trust is unlikely, use multi-issue offers.
check Prepare to be flexible on strategy and low-priority issues, but firm on high-priority ones.


check Don’t give in to silence and anger just to get things moving. Be patient.
check Don’t dismiss the need for trust. Spend more time developing trust and reputation.
check Don’t overvalue your expertise. Know your limits and, when necessary, seek help to interpret and appropriately resolve disputes.

Don’t ask “Why me?” Remember that cultural accommodations are not one-sided.

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