Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2015



Infield experience
Two new EXECUTIVE MBA courses take students out of the classroom and into the thick of emerging markets

This spring, the Executive MBA Program launched two courses that dive into the most pressing issues facing emerging economies.

TechVenture India and Global Marketplace: Consumer Growth in Brazil began spring 2015 with an introductory class taught on the Kellogg campus. Students then traveled abroad to investigate those markets’ issues firsthand by visiting the region’s leading companies, studying at local universities and meeting with top business leaders.

Taught by McCormick Foundation Technology Chair Mohan Sawhney, TechVenture India gives students an opportunity to investigate the intersection between technology and emerging markets. Global Marketplace: Consumer Growth in Brazil, taught by Ken Bardach, pairs the topic of consumer growth with its application in the Brazilian marketplace. Bardach, who helped launch Kellogg’s Executive MBA Program in 1976, has also extensively worked with Fundação Dom Cabral, Brazil’s premier business school.

Experiential by nature and project-based by design, the classes offer students a unique opportunity to explore emerging markets in depth and tailor a research project according to their interests.

“Our two new courses give Executive MBA students the unparalleled opportunity to explore specific international economic trends in an emerging market context,” said Jennifer Gerrard, director of the Executive MBA Global Network. “Students will learn about key growth areas in the world economy through the lens of business leaders and academic experts.”