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9:10-10:40 / Concurrent Sessions 4

Science of Science 2, Jacobs 101

Title Authors
Mapping Science with Variable-Order Markov Dynamics Reveal Overlapping Fields and Multidisciplinary Journals
Christian Persson, Ludvig Bohlin, Daniel Edler and Martin Rosvall
Trends and Gaps in Scholarly Productivity of Computer Science Faculty
Samuel Way, Daniel Larremore and Aaron Clauset
Weighting Experimental Claims to Leverage Scientific Exploration
Valentin Danchev, Jacob G. Foster and James Evans
Using Text Analysis to Quantify the Similarity and Evolution of Scientific Disciplines
Martin Gerlach, Laercio Dias and Eduardo G. Altmann
Ambiguity and Intellectual Engagement
James Evans and Peter McMahan

Health and Well-Being, Jacobs G03

Title Authors
Assessing the Effectiveness of Recommendation Algorithms for Health Message Design: An Experiment
Hyun Suk Kim, Sijia Yang, Minji Kim and Joseph Cappella
Propensity Score Model Selection with an Application to India’s Safe Motherhood Scheme
Nandana Sengupta and Aakanksha Sinha
Distilling the Outcomes of Personal Experiences from Social Media Timelines
Alexandra Olteanu, Onur Varol and Emre Kiciman
Climate Change and African Pastoralists: A Computational Analysis
Takuto Sakamoto

Political Content Analysis, Jacobs G27

Title Authors
Topic Models as Affiliation Networks
Marshall Taylor, Ann Mische and Leslie MacColman
Distributed Representations of Institutions and their Policy Text
John J. Nay
Text Reveals Influence: The Case of Amicus Briefs and the Supreme Court
Yanchuan Sim, Bryan Routledge and Noah A. Smith
Strategic Changes in Gubernatorial Campaign Messaging Over Time:A Computational Analysis
Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Sikana Tanupabrungsun, Feifei Zhang, Jeff Hemsley, Nancy McCracken, Lauren Bryant, Brian Dobreski and Bryan Semaan
Legal Evolution: Temporal Patterns of Precedent Citation and Judicial Opinion Impact
Ryan Whalen, Satyam Mukherjee and Brian Uzzi
Automated Text Analysis to Unframe the News
Dallas Card, Amber Boydstun and Noah Smith

Economic Models, Jacobs 160

Title Authors
Altruists Stabilize Cooperation in a Long-Run Prisoner’s Dilemma Experiment
Andrew Mao, Lili Dworkin, Siddharth Suri and Duncan Watts
Modeling Financial Markets by Self-Organized Criticality
Alessio Emanuele Biondo, Alessandro Pluchino and Andrea Rapisarda
Cities and Resilience to Automation: Specialization or Diversity?
Morgan Frank, Lijun Sun, Manuel Cebrian, Hyejin Youn and Iyad Rahwan
From Local Popularity to Global Influence: A Computationally-Effective Heuristic For Influence Maximization
Srayan Datta, Ceren Budak and Daniel Romero
Navigating Norms: Making Sense of Products in Contested Markets
Cyrus Dioun and Heather Haveman
Market Imitation and Win-Stay Lose-Shift Strategies Emerge as Unintended Patterns in Market Direction Guesses
Josep Perelló, Jordi Duch, Carlota Segura and Mario Gutiérrez-Roig

Success, Jacobs G05

Title Authors
Quantifying the Dynamical Impact of Individual Scientists
Lu Liu, Yang Wang, Chaoming Song and Dashun Wang
Team Assembly Factors Influencing the Victor in Competitive Environments
Satyam Mukherjee, Yun Huang, Julia Neidhardt, Brian Uzzi and Noshir Contractor
Acknowledging Gender Inequality in Sociology: A Network Analysis
Quincy Stewart, Saheli Nath and Fabio Rojas
The Formation and Imprinting of Network Effects among the Business Elite
Brian Uzzi, Yang Yang and Kevin Gaughan
ForestSim: Assessing the Sustainability of Bioenergy Production Using Agent-Based Simulation
Mark Rouleau and Ashma Vaidya
The Emergence and Evolution of Collaborative Stories
Christine Cuskley, Bernardo Monechi, Pietro Gravino and Vittorio Loreto

Social Media 2, Jacobs G40

Title Authors
The Distress Trajectories after a Terrorist Attack
Xidao Wen and Yu-Ru Lin
Trend Spotting and Demographics in Twitter
Jisun An and Ingmar Weber
Spatial and Temporal Inhomogeneity of Geo-Tagged Twitter Data
Eun-Kyeong Kim and Alan MacEachren
Exploring Limits to Prediction in Complex Social Systems
Travis Martin, Jake Hofman, Amit Sharma, Ashton Anderson and Duncan Watts
Unsupervised Classification in Twitter-Based on Joint Complexity
Dániel Kondor and Dimitrios Milioris
Automatic Misinformation Detection on Social Media Spaces During Crisis Events
Li Zeng, A. Conrad Nied, Logan Walls, John Robinson, Kate Starbird and Emma S. Spiro