11:50-12:50 / Concurrent Sessions 2

Collective Action, Jacobs G27

Title Authors
Occupy the Government: Presidential and Congressional Rhetorical Response to the Occupy Movement
Joshua Mausolf
The Networked Battle for #Baltimore: A Mixed-Methods Exploration of the Framing of Urban Unrest
Brooke Foucault Welles and Sarah Jackson
Causal Effect of Witnessing Political Protest on Civic Engagement
Han Zhang

Art and Music, Jacobs G03

Title Authors
Soviet Popular Music Landscape: Community Structure and Success Predictors
Dmitry Zinoviev
The Multi-Scale Network Landscape of Collaboration
Arram Bae, Doheum Park, Yong-Yeol Ahn and Juyong Park
The Structural Foundations of Creativity: A Network-Based Study of Co-Productions Among Italian Theatres
Valerio Ciotti, Marco Serino, Noshir S. Contractor, Leslie A. DeChurch and Pietro Panzarasa
Understanding the Link Between Quality, Social Influence and Success in Popular Music
Michael Mauskapf, Emoke-Agnes Horvat, Noah Askin and Brian Uzzi

Social Networks 2, Jacobs 160

Title Authors
Structure and Inference in Annotated Networks
Mark Newman and Aaron Clauset
Multiscale Network Generator
Alexander Gutfraind, Ilya Safro and Lauren Meyers
Burstiness Parameter for Finite Event Sequences
Eun-Kyeong Kim and Hang-Hyun Jo
Dynamics of Disagreement: Large-Scale Temporal Network Analysis Reveals Negative Interactions in Online Collaboration
Milena Tsvetkova, Ruth Garcia Gavilanes and Taha Yasseri

Urban Mobility, Jacobs 101

Title Authors
Commission and Omission Decisions by Autonomous Vehicles in Moral Dilemmas
Edmond Awad, Max Kleiman-Weiner, Sohan Dsouza, Jean-Francois Bonnefon, Azim Shariff, Josh Tenenbaum and Iyad Rahwan
Local Optimization Strategies in Urban Mobility from Geo-Referenced Floating Car Data
Pierpaolo Mastroianni, Bernardo Monechi, Vito Servedio, Carlo Liberto, Gaetano Valenti and Vittorio Loreto
Night Life and Road Safety: A Comparison of Seven Italian Cities
Giovanni L. Ciampaglia, Jose J. Ramasco and Bruno Gonçalves
Touristic Site Attractiveness Seen Through Twitter
Aleix Bassolas, Maxime Lenormand, Antonia Tugores, Bruno Gonçalves and Jose J. Ramasco

Information and Attention, Jacobs G40

Title Authors
Improving Comprehension of Numbers in the News
Pablo Barrio, Daniel Goldstein and Jake Hofman
Dynamics and Biases of Online Attention: The Case of Aircraft Crashes
Ruth Garcia Gavilanes, Milena Tsvetkova and Taha Yasseri
From Conversation to Cacophony: Information Overload and Collective Communication In Twitch
Azadeh Nematzadeh, Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Yong-Yeol Ahn and Alessandro Flammini
Epidemiology of Misinformation Online
Alessandro Bessi, Michela Del Vicario, Ana Lucia Schmidt, Fabiana Zollo, Guido Caldarelli, Antonio Scala and Walter Quattrociocchi

Language, Jacobs G05

Title Authors
Enculturation Trajectories and Individual Attainment: An Interactional Language-Use Model of Cultural Dynamics in Organizations
Amir Goldberg, Sameer Srivastava, V. Govind Manian and Christopher Potts
Data Sources for Modeling Library Texts and Readership
John Shanahan, Robin Burke, Antonio Ceraso and Jessica Bishop-Royse
Roles of Bilinguals on User-Generated Content Platforms
Scott Hale

1:50-2:50 / Concurrent Sessions 3

Crowd, Jacobs 101

Title Authors
Knowledge Reuse in Innovation Crowds: The Role of Semantic Heterogeneity
Chien-Yi Hsiang, Albert Armisen and Sabine Brunswicker
The Collaboration and Communication Networks within the Crowd
Mary Gray, Siddharth Suri, Ming Yin, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, Syed Shoaib Ali and Deepti Kulkarni
The Danger of Opinion Leaders: How Social Influence Affects the Wisdom of Crowds
Devon Brackbill, Joshua Becker and Damon Centola
Political Polarization of Science on Wikipedia
Feng Shi, Misha Teplitskiy and Megan Barnes

Security and Crime, Jacobs G03

Title Authors
Network Effects in Team Assembly and Crime Ideation in Criminal Co-Offender Networks
Petter Holme and Yukie Sano
Cyber Security as an Evolving Host-Parasite System
Russell Thomas and Mathew Woodyard
A Novel Statistical Test for Discrimination: Investigating Racial Disparities in Police Traffic Stop Data
Camelia Simoiu, Sam Corbett-Davies and Sharad Goel
Personalized Risk Assessments in the Criminal Justice System
Sharad Goel, Justin Rao and Ravi Shroff

Social Networks 3, Jacobs 160

Title Authors
The Structure of Sequences: Mining and Interpreting Networks from Event Log Data
Brian Keegan
On Predicting Adverse Police-Public Interactions
Youngsoo Park, Ayesha Mahmud, Samuel Carton, Kenneth Joseph, Jennifer Helsby, Joseph Walsh, Lauren Haynes and Rayid Ghani
Personality, Homophily and Embeddedness
Samuel Fraiberger
Investigating The Role of Social Interactions on Personality States Dynamics
Didem Gundogdu, Jacopo Staiano, Ailbhe N. Finnerty, Stefano Teso, Andrea Passerini, Fabio Pianesi and Bruno Lepri

Social Media 1, Jacobs G40

Title Authors
Natural Experiments in Online Social Network Assembly
Abigail Jacobs, Samuel Way, Johan Ugander and Aaron Clauset
When Did They Join Twitter? Patterns of Twitter Adoption for Different Nationality Groups in the Arab Gulf Countries
Fatema Akbar
The Social Ties of Immigrant Communities in the United States
Amaç Herdağdelen, Winter Mason, Bogdan State and Lada Adamic

Economic Content Analysis, Jacobs G05

Title Authors
FOMC Responses to Calls for Transparency
Miguel Acosta
Measuring Discrimination in Online Freelance Marketplaces
Aniko Hannak, Claudia Wagner, David Garcia, Alan Mislove, Markus Strohmaier and Christo Wilson
Better in the Shadows? Media Coverage and Market Reactions to Female CEO Appointments
Kevin Gaughan and Edward Bishop Smith

Content Analysis, Jacobs G27

Title Authors
Cultural Influences on the Measurement of Psychological Phenomena: Value-Behavior Relationships in India and the United States
Steven Wilson, Ryan Boyd, Rada Mihalcea and James Pennebaker
SOCQA: Active Machine Learning Tool for Qualitative Text Analysis
Jasy Suet Yan Liew, Kevin Crowston and Nancy McCracken
Human and Algorithmic Judgment in Resume Screening: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Bo Cowgill
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