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1:30-3:00 / Concurrent Sessions 1

Science of Science 1, Jacobs G44

Title Authors
Gender, Productivity and Prestige in Computer Science Faculty Hiring Networks
Samuel Way, Daniel Larremore and Aaron Clauset
Measuring Interdisciplinarity Using Text
Eliza Evans
Ground Truth? Clustering Scientific Publications
Vasyl Palchykov, Valerio Gemmetto, Alexey Boyarsky and Diego Garlaschelli
Exploring the Anatomy Of Physics
Roberta Sinatra, Pierre Deville, Michael Szell, Dashun Wang and Albert-László Barabási
Global Knowledge Spillovers Through Institutional Collaborations
Greg Morrison and Fabio Pammolli
Scholar Plot: Visualizing Scientific Careers at a Glance
Kyeongan Kwon, Dinesh Majeti, Brian Uzzi and Ioannis Pavlidis
Quantifying and Predicting Patterns of Individual Scientific Impact
Roberta Sinatra, Dashun Wang, Pierre Deville, Chaoming Song and Albert-László Barabási

Political Networks, Jacobs G27

Title Authors
Complex Contagion of Campaign Donations
Vincent Antonio Traag
Political Polarization In Ukraine 2014: Opinion and Territorial Split Demonstrated with the Bounded Confidence Xy Model, Validated by Twitter Data
Maksym Romenskyy, Viktoria Spaiser and Vladimir Lobaskin
Quantifying the Signatures of Global Cooperation and Conflict
Lijun Sun, Morgan R. Frank, Brad L. Leveck and Iyad Rahwan
Modeling International Relations with Bayesian Poisson Tucker Decomposition
Aaron Schein, Mingyuan Zhou, David Blei and Hanna Wallach
Data-Driven Approaches to Understanding Community Policing on Social Media Platforms
Yun Huang
Ideological Scaling of Social Networks’ Users
Corentin Vande Kerckhove, Mickael Temporão and Yannick Dufresne
Quote RTs on Twitter: Usage of the New Feature for Political Discourse
Venkata Rama Kiran Garimella, Ingmar Weber and Munmun De Choudhury

Economic Networks, Jacobs G40

Title Authors
Social Networks Under Stress
Daniel Romero, Brian Uzzi and Jon Kleinberg
Towards Modeling Inter-Firm Networks: Empirical Analysis and Characterization of Automobile Parts Supply Relationship Formations
Tomomi Kito, Steve New and Felix Reed-Tsochas
How Communication Networks Help Achieve Collective Goals
Matthias Leiss, Christian Schulz, Emőke-Ágnes Horvát, Dirk Helbing and Brian Uzzi
On The Geographical And Technological Scaling of Human Activities
Emanuele Pugliese, Lorenzo Napolitano, Matteo Chinazzi and Guido L. Chiarotti
Fintech and the Flat World Hypothesis: Peer-to-Peer Lending Bias
Pramesh Singh, Panagiotis Karampournioutis, Jayaram Uparna, Emoke-Agnes Horvat, Boleslaw Szymanski, Gyorgy Korniss, Jon Bakdash and Brian Uzzi
Fair Topologies: Structural Drivers of Evolution of Fairness on Social Networks
Mohsen Mosleh and Babak Heydari
Forecasting Financial Well-Being for Small and Medium Enterprises Using Network-Based Signals
Julius Adebayo, Yoshihiko Suhara, Vivek Singh, Burcin Bozkaya and Alex 'Sandy' Pentland

Social Contagion, Jacobs G03

Title Authors
Real-Time Uncertainty Update in Interactive and Non-Interactive Social Exchange
Niccolo Pescetelli and Nick Yeung
Are School Shootings Contagious?
Adam Pah, Andrew Jennings, Aditya Jain, Adam Hockenberry and Luis Amaral
The Dynamics of Correlated Novelties
Francesca Tria, Vittorio Loreto, Vito D. P. Servedio and Steven H. Strogatz
The Concurrent Diffusion of Information and Behaviors in Online Social Networks
Kang Zhao, Shiyao Wang, Ion Vasi and Qi Zhang
The Global Terrorism Network: Power Law Foundations of System Behavior
Yang Yang, Adam Pah and Brian Uzzi
Analyzing Randomized Experiments with Spillovers
Neelanjan Sircar
Synthetic Webs of Trust for Egalitarian Communities
Edward Platt and Daniel Romero
Influence in Food Consumption: Will You Eat Ice Cream When It Rains?
Yelena Mejova, Sofiane Abbar and Ingmar Weber

Social Networks 1, Jacobs G45

Title Authors
Ruffled Feathers: When Can Gender Be Inferred on Social Networks?
Kristen Altenburger and Johan Ugander
Social Effects on Racial Perception
Zsofia Boda
Structural Diversity and Homophily Across Many Large-Scale Social Networks
Yuxiao Dong, Reid Johnson, Jian Xu and Nitesh Chawla
Longer Degrees of Separation Between Seniors in Mobile Communication
Yuxiao Dong, Omar Lizardo and Nitesh Chawla
Platform Effects in Social Media Networks
Momin Malik and Juergen Pfeffer
The Semantic Networks That Underpin Group Interaction
Aaron Schecter, Yiheng Sun, Leslie DeChurch and Noshir Contractor
Functionality of the Honor Cultures: Evolutionary Approach
Andrzej Nowak, Michele Gelfand and Wojciech Borkowski

Social Dynamics and Influence, Jacobs G05

Title Authors
An Experimental Study of Critical Mass
Joshua Becker, Devon Brackbill and Damon Centola
Uncovering Human Behavioral Phenotypes: A Lab-in-the-Field Game Theory Experiment
Julia Poncela-Casasnovas, Mario Gutierrez-Roig, Carlos Gracia-Lazaro, Julia Vicens, Jesus Gomez-Gardenes, Josep Perello, Yamir Moreno, Jordi Duch and Angel Sanchez
An Experimental Study of Opinion Influenceability
Przemyslaw Grabowicz, Francisco Romero Ferrero, Theo Lins, Fabricio Benevenuto, Gonzalo Polavieja and Krishna Gummadi
Social Influence Through Social Information: Insights from Three Large-Scale Online Experiments with Millions of Participants
Taha Yasseri
Estimating the Causal Impact of Recommendation Systems from Observational Data
Amit Sharma, Jake Hofman and Duncan Watts
The Unpredictability of Human Opinion Dynamics
Corentin Vande Kerckhove, Samuel Martin, Pascal Gend and Julien M. Hendrick
Opinion Diversity and the Stability of Social Systems: Implications from a Model of Social Influence
William Pickering, Boleslaw Szymanski and Chjan Lim