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Building Strong Brands. Tim Calkins, clinical professor of marketing, highlights notable developments in the branding world and evaluates branding initiatives.

Cheap Talk. Associate Professor Sandeep Baliga and Economics Professor Jeffrey Ely discuss economics and politics.

Code Red. David Dranove, the Walter J. McNerney Professor of Health Industry Management, and William White of Cornell University examine the ailing U.S. healthcare system.

Everything Finance. Kellogg School finance professors discuss current events and new research in the financial world.

Expertly Wrapped. Tim De Chant, a Kellogg Insight editor, and Patricia Ledesma, assistant dean and director of the school's Office of Research, share faculty perspectives on current events.

Finance and the Public Interest. Robert McDonald, the Erwin P. Nemmers Professor of Finance, and Deborah Lucas of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discuss finance, the government and relevant research.

Knowledge Problem. Senior Lecturer Lynne Kiesling and Michael Giberson of Texas Tech University comment on current events, economics and research.

The Leisure of the Theory Class. Rakesh Vohra, the J. L. and Helen Kellogg Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences, and Assistant Professor Eran Shmaya share "speculation and ruminations on all aspects of economic and game theory."

The Operations Room. Associate Professor Gad Allon and Professor Martin Lariviere, both of the Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences Department, offer their "musings on why operations can both infuriate and delight." Assistant Professor Brayden King and others share their thoughts on topics in organizational theory.

Super Bowl Advertising Review Blog. A seasonal (December through February) blog by Calkins and Derek Rucker, the Richard M. Clewett Research Professor, reflecting on Super Bowl advertising.

Virulent Word of Mouse. Shane Greenstein, the Elinor and H. Wendell Hobbs Professor of Management & Strategy, writes about the business economics of computing, communications and Internet infrastructure.

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