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In this era of dramatic social and economic change, nonprofit leaders are being challenged as never before — and the need for leadership development has never been greater.

The Kellogg School Center for Nonprofit Management educates and inspires nonprofit leaders, empowering them to maximize organizational outcomes and drive social impact. Designed specifically for nonprofit executives and board members, our university-based non-degree programs provide rigorous and relevant tools and strategies for transformative leadership.

Our programs focus on developing the capacity of senior leaders of nonprofit organizations, regardless of size or mission. Whether you’re facing fundraising obstacles, interested in broadening your impact, or in improving your team’s leadership skills, you’ll find a program to support your individual and organizational growth.

In each program, whether in-person or live virtual you'll learn from the Kellogg School's faculty and leading nonprofit sector experts; you'll be side-by-side with other nonprofit executives; and you will return to your organization ready to apply your learning to make a lasting impact on the people and communities you serve.

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Fundraising & Marketing

Advanced Fundraising: Accelerating your Development Strategy

Now more than ever, nonprofit organizations need their development strategies to be well structured, creative and donor-focused. Nonprofit organizations not only need an understanding of the donor market, stakeholders and fundraising strategy, but also a strong infrastructure to drive fundraising decisions. Learn how boost your stakeholder engagement, communicate your philanthropic value and leverage data for strategic fundraising. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B


Marketing Essentials: Elevate Your Fundraising Strategies

Previously named: Fundraising & Marketing: Building Nonprofit Capacity

This program is designed to encourage the psychology and thought processes that drive consistent, creative and effective fund generation techniques for all scales and types of nonprofit organizations. The participants will work collaboratively to thoughtfully assess their own fundraising practices and discover which techniques work best. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 21 Points in category 1.B


Leveraging Insights from the Kellogg Sales Institute: A New Fundraising Approach for Nonprofit Executives

Are you ready to take your skills that build deep and lasting relationships with donors and stakeholders to the next level? In partnership with the Kellogg Sales Institute, this program offers a new approach to fundraising and stakeholder engagement for nonprofit executives.



Faith Leaders Week

This cutting-edge, non-denominational program offers faith leaders the rare opportunity to learn — and practice — the leadership and management skills they need to address the myriad of challenges facing the faith-based organizations they serve today.


Leading Change in Nonprofits

Will the leaders of today be able to prepare their organizations to meet the social and leadership challenges of a world in transition? This program is designed to prepare nonprofit leaders to understand, lead and manage change initiatives to transform their organizations. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B


Strategic Leadership: Leading the Self

This program focuses on new ways to think strategically about one's own leadership style, issues and challenges. Participants will also look at how to maximize your own performance while engaging and inspiring others by communicating a sense of purpose, value and vision. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B


The Impact of Equity: Leaders Activating Change

Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion is no longer a conversation but an expectation. As a leader, you must look within yourself to understand your power and privilege and commit to addressing systemic inequities. Now is the time to set the strategic direction for equity in your organization and become an agent for change. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 21 Points in category 1.B


Strategy & Finance

Nonprofit Data Analytics & Impact

Harness the power of data to fuel your organizational decision-making in today’s competitive environment.


Nonprofit Finance: Toolkit for Leaders

Deepen your knowledge of nonprofit finance and broaden your understanding of your organization's financial picture. Improve your ability to analyze financial statements, spot trends, identify cost containment opportunities and foresee the implications of your financial management decisions. Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B


Nonprofit Strategy: Planning & Positioning for the Future

As nonprofits strive to position themselves for the future, new plans will be essential to establish their success. In this program, leaders will have the opportunity to think critically about the difference they make in the world and how to create strategy and communication plans that will maximize their missions and financial stability.


Talent Management

Developing High Performing People

Explore how strong leaders develop and retain high-performing people committed to their organizations' missions. In a self-managed world, how do leaders empower employees, build trust and give feedback? Learn how to motivate and energize people to achieve greater individual and collective success.Certified Fund Raising Executive Credential – 14 Points in category 1.B


Maximizing Team Effectiveness: Building & Leading High Impact Teams

Looking to elevate your team leadership skills? This program covers essential areas such as creating a culture of feedback that fosters individual and team performance, mastering strategies for team negotiations and running effective meetings. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a new nonprofit leader looking to make an impact, our program has what you need to build and lead high performing teams.


University Partnership Programs

Leadership and Management in Core Facilities

This hands-on exploration of the unique challenges of leading a university core facility or research hospital will enhance your business and management skills and give you practical experience in applying them to a project specific to your organization.


Leadership and Management Strategies for Clinical Investigators

For clinical investigators and administrative staff in clinical labs, this program offers a strong foundation of business concepts. Kellogg faculty will share practical and effective approaches to topics including organizational culture, strategic time management, feedback and persuasion strategies and diversifying funding sources. Equipped with new tools and frameworks, you’ll leave with a better sense for how to leverage your personal leadership strengths to build collaborative work teams and navigate competing demands in your work.


Earn an Executive Scholar Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Focus your learning and be recognized for your commitment with a Certificate of Professional Achievement as well as lifelong Kellogg Executive Education alumni benefits.

What Participants Say

"I have found all of the Center for Nonprofit Management programs to be outstanding! The quality of the professors and presentations are always top notch and very professional. They are truly experts in the field. The programs are also structured in a way that you get what you came for — very insightful and practical at the same time."

"Kellogg's programs really do bring leaders of inspirational organizations together to learn from the best professors out there. As a nonprofit leader there aren't many professional development opportunities tailored to our field that are of such a high quality and value. I've attended three courses so far and am looking forward to planning the next."

"For me, this was an opportunity to step away from my daily work and focus on improving an important skill set in my work. The materials and teaching were excellent, and the opportunity to learn with a diverse group of non-profit leaders greatly enhanced my experience. The course itself was a nice mix of theory and explanation with real, practical applications to our own organization."

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