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Executive Scholar Certificate in Nonprofit Management

A Kellogg credential that is uniquely you

The Executive Scholar Certificate in Nonprofit Management is designed to help nonprofit leaders like you develop your skill-sets, prepare you to tackle tough organizational challenges, and inspire you to drive your organization’s mission forward.

This certificate distinguishes you as a leader, is customized to your professional development goals, and confers you with Kellogg Executive Scholar benefits upon completion. It involves taking five programs of your choosing over a five year period. See below for more detailed information and how to get started.

We offer personalized advising to help you plan your path to certificate completion. Contact us to speak with our Scholar Advisor to discuss your goals.

Scholar Benefits

  • A Certificate of Professional Achievement in Nonprofit Management, including a digital certificate for your social media profile/s
  • Membership in the global Kellogg alumni network and access to the online network
  • Opportunities to participate in alumni clubs and events
  • 50% scholarships to all future Center for Nonprofit Management programs
  • 30% discount on Kellogg Executive Education open enrollment programs
  • A 15% discount on all year-long Chief Officer Programs
  • Access to cutting-edge research and thought leadership content from Kellogg faculty and leading practitioners
  • A Kellogg branded email account

How to Get Started

  1. Apply to the Kellogg Executive Scholar Certificate Program
    • Click here to submit your application (select "Nonprofit Management" from the specialization drop-down menu)
      1. This application is not binding, but helps us track your progress toward earning a Certificate
      2. You will need to apply for each program you wish to take separately
      3. You can submit this application at any point in time, and all nonprofit specific programs taken within a five year timeframe (prior to and after submitting the Certificate application) will count toward your certificate

  2. Complete four Center for Nonprofit Management prerequisite programs
    • Click this link to view and register for upcoming programs. Click the + sign to expand each program’s box for a short description, and click the “Lean More” link at the bottom of the expanded program box to see the full program description and program content.

  3. Apply to the Kellogg Executive Scholar Certificate Program
    1. After completing your pre-requisites, talk with a Nonprofit Scholars Advisor to select and apply for your capstone program. Click here to get in touch with a Nonprofit Scholars Advisor.
    2. This program is selected from our general portfolio of executive programs providing you the opportunity to network with and learn from leaders across sectors. It is called a capstone program as it “caps” off your Scholar Certificate.

Pricing & Scholarships

Overall, you can expect to pay between ~$6,500 to $12,000 depending on the program choices you make and if you apply for Center scholarships.

  • Four Center for Nonprofit Management programs - $950-1,350 list, up to 50% scholarships available when you apply to each individual program. Scholarships are assessed after submitting your application.

  • One Capstone Program - ~$4,900-$10,500 list (varies on program selection) you will receive a guaranteed 1/3 off list price scholarship.

  • This program is required to be taken last in the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about program selection and timeline?

The Scholar Certificate is designed to be extremely flexible as it is personalized to your learning goals and timeline. You have within five years of your first program to complete your remaining requirements. Go as quickly or as slowly as you would like, and select the programs that are the best fit for your professional goals. We are here to help so do reach out anytime you have any questions or if you would like advising.

Are there any admission or academic requirements to earn the Scholar Certificate?

There are no admission or academic requirements since all of our programs are non-degree continuing education. All of our programs are designed specifically for organizational leaders like you.

I took a cohort-based program in partnership with the Center for Nonprofit Management. Can that be counted toward this Scholar Certificate?

Contact our Scholar advisor to see how your previously taken cohort based program fits into your Scholar Certificate.

For in-person programs, are accommodations included?

Your first four Center for Nonprofit Management programs do not include accommodations. Most programs are held on our downtown Chicago campus, just off of the Magnificent Mile. Here is a list of nearby hotels.

However, most "capstone" programs include room and board in the list price.

Contact Us

Questions about which Center for Nonprofit Management programs are right for you? Please contact us at We look forward to helping you in your lifelong-learning journey.

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