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Equity Essentials

Building blocks for creating more equitable organizations

Leaders across the globe are grappling with how to make meaningful and lasting change in their organizations with regard to equity. Equity Essentials addresses key concepts and ideas about diversity, equity and inclusion for leaders on their journey towards dismantling systemic racism and building more equitable organizations. Each video in the series features a leading Northwestern University expert who shares their perspective on an aspect of diversity, equity and inclusion and provides guidance on actionable steps leaders can take today to promote equity.

We encourage you to watch the videos and share with your network to continue the learning, engage in critical conversations and create actionable steps towards change.

A statement from our Executive Director

Kellogg School Center for Nonprofit Management Executive Director, Liz Livingston Howard, shares the Center’s commitment to equity and the purpose of Equity Essentials.


Getting Started

Minya Nance, Director of Strategic Student Experience at Kellogg, shares her perspective and expertise on privilege, diversity, equity, inclusion, oppression and microaggressions to help leaders understand what these concepts mean and why they are critically important.


Understanding Systems

Omari Keeles, Assistant Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Searle Center for Advanced Learning and Teaching at Northwestern University, shares his perspective on the systems and structures of oppression in our society that create barriers to equity.


Identity & Allyship

Amy Hauenstein, Director of Curriculum and Non-Degree Programs & Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Communication at Northwestern University, shares her perspective on the process of understanding your own identity in order to begin the personal and systemic work towards becoming an ally.


Culture of Inclusion

Bernie Banks, shares his perspective on how leaders can build a culture of inclusion in their organizations.


Northwestern University is committed are committed to engaging differences as strengths in an environment that ensures equality of access, opportunity, representation and participation.

For more information about Kellogg School’s commitment to equity, click here.

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