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Become a magnetic and unstoppable sales leader

Sales has a big problem. Most salespeople are only taught to sell the features and benefits of their solutions. And while it’s important to understand our products, research tells us that what we really need is to understand people. Professional salesperson or not, we are all selling ourselves and our ideas in one form or another — as parents, as job seekers, as leaders in our careers or in our personal endeavors, and of course as sales professionals. The Kellogg Sales Institute believes that everyone can benefit from learning better ways to influence, persuade, build trust, and inspire those around us. Simply put, sales is helping people make progress in their lives. To be successful at this, we must understand people and how to build strong, positive and powerful relationships.

In every business — large or small — the ability to drive revenue is the most critical job to be done. This all-important revenue “engine” is powered by professional salespeople. Every hour of every day all over the world, salespeople are meeting with prospects and customers and helping them make progress in their lives and their businesses.

Whether they sell for the world’s largest companies or brand-new startup businesses, salespeople must develop the knowledge, skill and discipline to become “elite athletes” in their chosen profession.

The Kellogg Sales Institute is the first of its kind among the world’s elite business schools to study what makes the most successful, magnetic and unstoppable salespeople. We then take what the research tells us about these “elite athletes” of sales and we design inspired learning to help all sellers get good at getting great.

Our Entrepreneurial Selling™ course was named “Top Ten in the U.S.” by Inc. Magazine and is designed for large and medium-sized company salespeople as well as startup businesses. Over 100,000 students have taken our sales courses, and they report that the knowledge, skill and discipline they gained has had a tremendous positive impact … not just on their revenue, but on their lives.


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Personal Consultation

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Who Should Attend

  • Sales professionals from any size company, whether they carry a territory as an individual contributor or are responsible for growing a business
  • Founders/CEOs of midmarket and entrepreneurial companies
  • Anyone looking to make a career switch or start a new business

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Key Benefits

  • Learn and apply the five things that must be true to get good at getting great - at anything
  • Understand how the three golden threads of knowledge, skill and discipline must be present at all stages of the sales process
  • Apply a powerful feedback model and coaching methodology to steadily improve performance
  • Learn how to develop your most powerful tool of influence - to tell the right story at the right time for the right reasons
  • Learn how to set concrete goals that stretch you into developing powerful new capabilities
  • Build your own powerful brand
  • Understand how to turn your newly acquired sales knowledge, skill and discipline into habits for a lifetime

Program Content

Learn By Doing & Build Trust

  • How to learn and stop forgetting
  • How trust is built - quickly and powerfully

Build A Powerful Network

  • Be a magnet for the right people
  • Always. Be. Ready.

Now Build Your Brand

  • Your brand makes a promise
  • Standing out online

Thinking Like A Chief Revenue Officer

  • Broaden your perspective
  • Start leading now

Get Up & Get After It

  • The art and science of proactive pursuit
  • Be sure

Be Magnetic & Unstoppable

  • Asking and listening
  • Handling difficult conversations


  • Your origin story
  • Right Story, Right Time, Right Reasons

Create Your Future

  • Context design
  • Getting good at getting great


Craig Wortmann

Craig Wortmann

Clinical Professor of Marketing; Founder & Academic Director of the Kellogg Sales Institute

Andrew Sykes

Andrew Sykes

Adjunct Lecturer of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tiana S. Clark

Tiana S. Clark

Adjunct Professor of Executive Education

Anne Chow

Anne Chow

Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor of Executive Education

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