Family Enterprise Suite

Educating and inspiring new generations of family enterprise leaders

As many family businesses throughout the world transition to new generations of leaders, their success and continuity depend on the management and leadership effectiveness of those at the top. The Center for Family Enterprises at Kellogg has developed a comprehensive curriculum that will help established, new and aspiring family business leaders master the concepts and skills required to navigate the intricacies of these complex organizations.

These programs cover the full gamut of management issues from family business strategy, governance and succession planning to entrepreneurship, family offices and family business culture. Guided by our faculty of experts in family business practice, seasoned advisors and leaders of best-in-class family enterprises, your learning experience will include interactive lectures, case studies and group discussions with peers facing family business challenges similar to yours.

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Jennifer Pendergast joins as the John L. Ward Clinical Professor of Family Enterprise and Executive Director of the Center for Family Enterprises.

Personal Consultation

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Leading Family Enterprises

For both established and aspiring leaders of a family-owned business, this program focuses on how to lead the family and the enterprise, manage the strategic and personal pressures inherent in such complex entities and strike an optimal balance between family and work obligations.

Family Enterprise Boards

Family businesses are uniquely complex enterprises. This program empowers current and future directors of family-owned businesses to navigate the challenges posed by those organizations while learning to design, engage and lead boards that leverage their companies’ strategic advantages.

Forming Family Enterprise Governance

One of the most critical times in a family enterprise’s evolution is moving from the processes, people and structures that proved successful for a controlling owner to those that support a sibling partnership. Engage with faculty from Kellogg’s Center for Family Enterprises for leadership insights on governance architecture and effective decision making to support a vision that will guide multigenerational continuity.

Governing Family Enterprises

Join peers from leading family-run organizations to learn how family governance can help sustain business continuity, family unity and commitment. Come away equipped and energized to realize your vision for the future of your family enterprise with confidence.

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