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9:35-11:05 / Concurrent Sessions 4

News and Media Consumption, 1110

Title Authors
Can We Predict Elections from Social Media? A Comparison of Computational Methods
Kokil Jaidka and Saifuddin Ahmed
Networks of Audience Overlap in the Consumption of Digital News
Subhayan Mukerjee, Sandra González-Bailón and Sílvia Majó-Vázquez
Tracking Censorship of WeChat Public Accounts in China: a Computational Social Science Approach
King-Wa Fu and Yun Tai
The Backbone Structure of Audience Networks: A New Approach to Comparing Online News Consumption Across Countries
Silvia Majo-Vazquez, Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon and Rasmus K. Nielsen
Bipartite Network Analysis of News-Sharing on Social Media During the UK General Election in 2015
Iain Weaver and Hywel Williams
Voting Behavior, Beliefs, and Online News Consumption: A comparison of survey responses and clickstream data during Brexit using topic models and network analysis
Lorien Jasny, Susan Banducci, Iulia Cioroianu, Travis Coan, Iain Weaver and Hywel Williams

Online Platforms and Experiments, 1120

Title Authors
How “Wide Walls” Can Increase Engagement: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Scratch
Sayamindu Dasgupta and Benjamin Mako Hill
Seeds of Social Structure
Zsófia Boda, Timon Elmer, András Vörös and Christoph Stadtfeld
A Network History of YouTube
John Paolillo, Sharad Ghule and Brian Harper
The Impact of Sharing on Trust: An Online Field Experiment Among Airbnb Users
Joyce Delnoij, Rense Corten and Paolo Parigi
Heterogeneous Effects of Cellphone Credit Incentives on Mobile Learning in Africa
Rene Kizilcec, David Lang and Ben Stenhaug
Individual Goal-Seeking Behavior: A Large-Scale Study
Ruowei Jiang and Ashton Anderson

Scientific Collaboration and Impact, 1130

Title Authors
Automatically Assembling a Full Census of an Academic Field
Allison Morgan, Samuel Way and Aaron Clauset
Early Career Failure and Long-Term Scientific Impact
Yang Wang, Benjamin Jones and Dashun Wang
The Scientific Prize Network and Trying Out to Be the First in Science
Yifang Ma and Brian Uzzi
Informal Intellectual Collaboration in Scientific Community and Knowledge Production
Yuan Tian and Brian Uzzi
Collaboration Diversity and Scientific Impact
Yuxiao Dong, Hao Ma and Kuansan Wang
A Century of Science
Yuxiao Dong, Hao Ma, Zhihong Shen and Kuansan Wang

Teams, L110

Title Authors
The Emergence and Development of Crew Shared Mental Models: An Agent-Based Model
Marlon Twyman, Jessica Mesmer Magnus, Alina Lungeanu, Leslie Dechurch and Noshir Contractor
Network Structure, Efficiency, and Performance on WikiProjects
Edward Platt and Daniel Romero
Timing Is Money: Employment Relationships in a Virtual Call Center
Valery Yakubovich, Roman Galperin and Mouna El Mansouri
Predicting Team Success in the iGEM Scientific Competition
Marc Santolini, Abhijeet Krishna, Leo Blondel, Thomas Landrain and Albert-Laszló Barabásí
Computers Outperform Humans at Judging Group Performance Based on Sparse Visual Cues
Manuel Cebrian, Martin Saveski, Edmond Awad and Iyad Rahwan
Only Diamond Can Cut Diamond in Science
Lingfei Wu, Jie Tang, Dashun Wang and James Evans

Learning, L120

Title Authors
The Network Structure of Attribute Missingness
Kristen M. Altenburger and Johan Ugander
Studying the Effects of Stereotyping and Emotion on Viral Contagion Through a Deep Learning Approach
Teun Cuijpers, Maurice Vergeer and Erik Bijleveld
Using Simpson's Paradox to Discover Interesting Patterns in Behavioral Data
Nazanin Alipourfard, Peter G. Fennell and Kristina Lerman
Reconstructing Technology Space from a Secret Recipe of High Impact Innovation
Hyunuk Kim, Daniel Kim, Young-Ho Eom, Hawoong Jeong, Woo-Sung Jung and Hyejin Youn
The Market Structure for Innovation
Stefano Balietti, Christoph Riedel
Skill networks and measures of complex human capital
Katharine Anderson

"Ethics in Computational Social Science," 1420

Panelists: Jake Metcalf, Michelle N. Meyer, Laura Norén and Michael Zimmer
Moderators: Noshir Contractor and Ian Mulvany