11:30-12:30 / Concurrent Sessions 2

Gender, 1110

Title Authors
Gender Bias in Sharenting: Both Men and Women Mention Sons More Often than Daughters on Social Media
Ivan Smirnov and Elizaveta Sivak
Fractured Progress: Delineating a Societal Reckoning Against Sexual Harassment
Xiaolin Zhuo
Semantic Map of Sexism: Topic Modelling of Everyday Sexism Project Entries
Taha Yasseri
The Branching Pipeline: Understanding Gender Disparities Within and Across Fields
Daniel Larremore, Aniko Hannak, Kenneth Joseph and Andrei Cimpian

Corporations, 1120

Title Authors
Evolution of Employment in the United States: a Half-Century of Polarization
Judy Hanwen Shen, Morgan Frank, Esteban Moro Egido and Iyad Rahwan
Labor Cost Advantage of Status and Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design
Yuan Tian, Ned Smith and Brayden King
Corporate Politics: the Rise of Partisan Polarization in Firms, 1984-2016
Joshua Gary Mausolf
Eyes on the Horizon? Fragmented Elites and the Short-Term Focus of the American Corporation
Richard Benton and J Adam Cobb

Application of Algorithms, 1130

Title Authors
Improving Refugee Integration Through Data-Driven Algorithmic Assignment
Jens Hainmueller, Kirk Bansak and Jeremy Ferwerda
Addressing Bigger Picture Questions in Human Services Funding with Government Open Data: A Cautionary Tale
Julia Koschinsky and Nicole Marwell
Behavioral Experiments with Social Algorithms: An Information Theoretic Approach to Greying the Black Box
Martin Hilbert, Billy Liu, Jonathan Luu and Joel Fishbein
Blaming Humans in Autonomous Vehicle Accidents: Shared Responsibility Across Levels of Automation
Edmond Awad, Sydney Levine, Max Kleiman-Weiner, Sohan Dsouza, Joshua Tenenbaum, Azim Shariff, Jean-Francois Bonnefon and Iyad Rahwan

Space, L110

Title Authors
Occupational Complexity and City Growth
Inho Hong, Woo-Sung Jung and Hyejin Youn
The Role of Microplaces in the Urban Landscape: The Case of the Distribution and Consequences of Violent Crime
Dan O'Brien

Social Class, L120

Title Authors
Predicting Socio-Economic Indicators for Multiple Countries from Social Media Data
Vedran Sekara, Jonggun Lee, Miguel Luengo, Nick Obradovich, Manuel Garcia-Herranz and Esteban Moro
Economic Correlates of Diversity and Inequality in Online Social Networks
Patrick Park, Minsu Park and Michael Macy
Transitions Between Structurally Balanced and Unbalanced States and Risky Decision-Making in Social Networks
Omid Askari, Jacqueline Ng, Francesco Bullo, Noah Friedkin, Ambuj Singh and Brian Uzzi
Social Classes Shape Our Trajectories in Both Online and Offline Space
Hui-Min Xu, Zhi-Cong Chen and Cheng-Jun Wang

Conversation, L130

Title Authors
Agendas on Social Media: Inferring Policy Attention from Non-Representative Data
David Ifeoluwa Adelani, Fabian Flöck, Przemyslaw Grabowicz, Scott Hale, Timo Hartman and David Jurgens
The Gossip Hypothesis
Károly Takács, Boróka Pápay, Júlia Galántai and Bálint Kubik
Money Talks: An Empirical Study on the Conversational Structure of Financial Markets
Federica Bianchi, Christoph Stadtfeld and Alessandro Lomi
Friends Under Pressure: The Dynamics of Group Disagreement and Social Structure in Closed Communities
András Vörös

2:00-3:00 / Concurrent Sessions 3

Words, 1110

Title Authors
Tracing the Origins of Bias in Word Embeddings
Marc-Etienne Brunet, Ashton Anderson and Richard Zemel
Courting of Public Opinion: How We Measure the Discourse of Human Rights Issues in Indonesia Through Topic Modeling of Aksi Kamisan Letters
Aghniadi Aghniadi and Annabelle Wenas
Mapping the Moral Domain: A Factor Analysis of Distributed Representations of Moral Words
Rishemjit Kaur and Kazutoshi Sasahara
Second-Language Learner Text as a Window into the Alignment of Cross-Linguistic Semantics
Molly Lewis and James Evans

Music, 1120

Title Authors
Environmental Changes and the Formation of Musical Identity
Samuel Way, Santiago Gil, Manish Nag and Aaron Clauset
Is There a Gender Gap in the Novelty of Creative Products? Evidence from the Global Music Industry
Michael Mauskapf, Noah Askin, Agnes Horvat and Brian Uzzi
Can Inferred Personality Improve the Accuracy of Music Recommender Systems?
Jan-Felix Schneider and Andrew Schwartz
Social Influence in Music Listenership: A Natural Experiment on 1.3 Million Last.fm Users
John Ternovski and Taha Yasseri

Personality, 1130

Title Authors
Hybrid Intelligence: Preliminary Results from a National Forecasting Competition
Niccolo Pescetelli and Iyad Rahwan
You Are What You Eat: A Social Media Study of Personality Traits
Kazutoshi Sasahara
A New Computational Approach to the Debate on Personality Types Using Large Datasets
Martin Gerlach, Beatrice Farb, William Revelle and Luis Amaral
Analyzing Far-Right Extremist Facebook Group Co-Membership During the "Summer of Hate"
Megan Squire

Social Movements, L110

Title Authors
Event-Driven Modeling of Crowd Dynamics in Online Social Movements
Hao Peng, Daniel Romero and Ceren Budak
The Role of Ideational and Socio-Structural Isomorphism for Social Movement Success
Laura Nelson
A Simple Model of the Shift from Low to High Lethality in Terror Organizations
Yang Yang, Adam Pah and Brian Uzzi
The Moral Machine Experiment: 40 Million Decisions and the Path to Universal Machine Ethics
Edmond Awad, Sohan Dsouza, Richard Kim, Jonathan Schulz, Joseph Henrich, Azim Shariff, Jean-Fran´┐Żois Bonnefon and Iyad Rahwan

Cooperation, L120

Title Authors
Resource Heterogeneity Leads to Unjust Effort Distribution in Climate Change Mitigation
Julian Vicens, Nereida Bueno-Guerra, Mario Gutiérrez-Roig, Carlos Gracia-Lázaro, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes, Josep Perello, Angel Sánchez, Yamir Moreno and Jordi Duch
Cooperative Multiplex Network Evolution and Responses to Shocks
Keith Burghardt, Daniel Simmons, Luba Levin-Banchik, Michelle Phillips, Paul Smaldino, Raissa D'Souza and Zeev Maoz
Thinking Fast and Slow on Networks: Co-Evolution of Cognition and Cooperation in Structured Populations
Mohsen Mosleh and David Rand
Optimal Networks for Exploration and Exploitation
Pj Lamberson and John Lang

Collective Behavior, L130

Title Authors
Inference in Network Regression
Frank Marrs, Bailey Fosdick and Tyler H. McCormick
Educational Migration from Russia: Social Media Data
Daniel Alexandrov, Ilya Musabirov and Viktor Karepin
Can Individuals Benefit from the Wisdom of Crowds?
Joshua Becker and Damon Centola
An Agent-Based Model of Online Community Joining
Jeremy Foote, Benjamin Mako Hill and Nathan Teblunthuis
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