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2:30-4:30 / Concurrent Sessions 1

Text and Social Media, 1130

Title Authors
Network Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Campaign Tweets
Dmitry Zinoviev
Socioeconomic and Network Dependencies of Linguistic Patterns in Twitter
Jacob Abitbol Levy, Márton Karsai, Jean-Pierre Chevrot, Jean-Philippe Magué and Eric Fleury
You Are No Jack Kennedy: On Media Selection of Highlights from Presidential Debates
Chenhao Tan, Hao Peng and Noah Smith
Citizen Curators of Digital (Dis)Information: State, Media and Civil Society in the Information Warfare over Ukraine
Yevgeniy Golovchenko, Mareike Hartmann and Rebecca Adler-Nissen
I Stand with You: Detecting and Characterizing Expressions of Solidarity in Social Media
Sashank Santhanam and Samira Shaikh
Bots on Twitter: Political or Just Prevalent?
Stefan Wojcik, Solomon Messing and Skye Toor
Evidence of Complex Contagion of Information in Social Media: an Experiment Using Twitter Bots
Bjarke Moensted, Piotr Sapie?y?ski, Emilio Ferrara and Sune Lehmann
Social Media and the Rise of Dark Horse Candidates
Yotam Shmargad and Limin Zhang

Culture, 1420

Title Authors
The Geometry of Meaning: Analyzing Culture Through Word Embeddings
Austin Kozlowski, Matt Taddy and James Evans
Temporal Scaling of Repeated Failures
Yian Yin, Yang Wang, James Evans and Dashun Wang
Global Epistemic Cultures and Their Nationalized Forms
Charles Gomez
Quantifying Reputation and Success in Art
Samuel Fraiberger, Roberta Sinatra, Christoph Riedl and Laszlo Barabasi
Structural Properties of Canon-Formation in the Western Art World
Júlia Perczel and Balázs Vedres
The Structure of Mythologies Explains Early Human Migrations Out of Africa
Hyunuk Kim, Marcus J. Hamilton, Woo-Sung Jung and Hyejin Youn
A Novel System for Transformation of Regional Cuisine Style
Masahiro Kazama, Keisuke Matsushima, Lav R Varshney and Yoshiki Ishikawa

Science of Science, 1430

Title Authors
Generalists and Specialists: Quantifying Activity Diversity in Online Platforms
Shunzhe Yu, Isaac Waller and Ashton Anderson
Universal Links Between Mentor’s Tacit Knowledge Transfer and Protégés’ Propensity for Leading Scientific Thinking
Yifang Ma, Satyam Mukherjee and Brian Uzzi
Prestige Drives Epistemic Inequality in the Diffusion of Scientific Ideas
Allison Morgan, Dimitrios Economou, Samuel Way and Aaron Clauset
Quantifying Patterns of Multiple Discoveries in Science
Binglu Wang and Dashun Wang
Measuring the Evolution of a Scientific Field Through Citation Frames
David Jurgens, Srijan Kumar, Raine Hoover, Dan McFarland and Dan Jurafsky
Too Many Papers? Slowed Canonical Progress in Large Fields of Science
Johan Chu and James Evans
Centralized “Big Science” Communities More Likely Generate Non-Replicable Results
Valentin Danchev, Andrey Rzhetsky and James Evans
Why Citations Don't Mean What We Think They Mean: Evidence from Citers
Misha Teplitskiy, Eamon Duede and Karim Lakhani

Health and Well-Being, L110

Title Authors
Preventing HIV by Analyzing Text Messages Written by Adolescent MSM
Carlos Gallo, Hendricks Brown, Kevin Moran and Brian Mustanski
Large-Scale Investigation of the Reasons Why Potentially Important Genes Are Ignored
Thomas Stoeger, Martin Gerlach, Richard Morimoto and Luis Nunes Amaral
Inferring the Organizing Principles of Young Men Who Have Sex with Men from Combining Many Sex-Reports
Balint Neray, Johan Koskinen, Patrick Janulis, Gregory Phillips Ii and Michelle Birkett
The Diffusion of Opioids in Family Households
Abigail Jacobs, Mathijs De Vaan and Toby Stuart
Community Centrality and Boundary Work
Jessica Santana
Measuring the Unmeasurable - A Project of High Risk Families Prediction and Management
Pei Fang Hsieh
Tie Strength Precedes Social Embeddedness
Giovanna Miritello, Manuel Cebrián, César Hidalgo and Esteban Moro
Analyzing Linguistic Manifestations of ADHD in Adults on Social Media
Sharath Chandra Guntuku, Russell Ramsay, Raina Merchant and Lyle Ungar

Politics, L120

Title Authors
The Wisdom of Polarized Crowds
Feng Shi, Misha Teplitskiy, Eamon Duede and James Evans
Evolution and Formation of Judicial Advocacy Network
Satyam Mukherjee and Ryan Whalen
Mesoscopic Signatures of Covert Groups: Changes in Motif Composition of the Provisional Irish Republican Army from 1970 to 1989
Malgorzata Turalska and Ananthram Swami
Who Speaks in the People's House? Policy Debate and Unequal Representation in the U.S. Congress
Nick Judd
Bipartisan Networks Reduce Political Bias in the Interpretation of Climate Trends
Douglas Guilbeault, Joshua Becker and Damon Centola
Opinion Fragmentation and Post-Truth Dynamics in Social Networks
Cristian Huepe
The Where, What and When of Petitioning in the UK: a Case Study of Petitions Submitted to the UK Government
Bertram Vidgen and Taha Yasseri
The Dark Side of Resilience: Evolution of Market Competition Under the Affordable Care Act
Dave Gianetto, Mohsen Mosleh and Babak Heydari

Methods, L130

Title Authors
Evaluating and Comparing Over?t in Models of Network Community Structure
Amir Ghasemian, Homa Hosseinmardi and Aaron Clauset
Detecting Network Effects: Randomizing Over Randomized Experiments
Martin Saveski, Jean Pouget-Abadie, Guillaume Saint-Jacques, Weitao Duan, Souvik Ghosh, Ya Xu and Edoardo M. Airoldi
A Multiple Membership Multiple Classification (MMMC) Model Approach for Egocentric Network Data
Ly Dinh and William Barley
A Structural Model of Homophily and Clustering in Social Networks
Angelo Mele
The Identity Labeling Problem and a "Solution" to It
Kenneth Joseph and Jonathan Morgan
The Importance of Calibration for Estimating Label Proportions
Dallas Card and Noah Smith
Detecting Reciprocity at a Global Scale
Morgan Frank, Nick Obradovich, Iyad Rahwan, Brad Leveck and Lijun Sun