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Kellogg Faculty in the Media

Kellogg School professors continue to lend their insights on an array of subjects, providing expertise from finance and marketing to strategy and economics. Some recent media stories involving Kellogg professors include the following:

Michelle Buck  
Michelle Buck  
Daniel Diermeier  
Daniel Diermeier  
David Dranove  
David Dranove  
Deborah Lucas  
Deborah Lucas  

Financial Times (London) "Shades of grey that make an entrepreneur." In this Aug. 4 article, Lloyd Shefsky, clinical professor of entrepreneurship and co-director of the Center for Family Enterprises, was profiled as an entrepreneurial professor to watch. The article highlights Shefsky's successful entrepreneurship course. Shefsky is quoted: "I tell my students the bad news first — the fact they get an MBA means they are less likely to become an entrepreneur. But the good news is that with an MBA they are more likely to succeed."

New York Times "The Pitfalls of Linking Doctors' Pay to Performance." This Sept. 8 article focused on the research of David Dranove, the Walter J. McNerney Professor of Health Industry Management, and Mark Satterthwaite, the A.C. Buehler Professor in Hospital and Health Services Management. Their research, "Is More Information Better? The Effects of 'Report Cards' on Health Care Providers," appeared in the Journal of Political Economy.

Business Standard "Sojourn in the USA." Kellogg School Dean Dipak C. Jain was profiled in this Sept. 2 article, which focused on his work ethic and ability to find creative solutions in adverse situations.

Chicago Tribune "Shared leadership offers edge." In this Sept. 1 article, Michelle Buck, clinical professor of management and organizations and director of leadership initiatives, said: "Leadership is not a solo activity. It includes being open-minded, encouraging ideas from the ranks and being willing to act on them. Leadership is the domain of change, rather than the status quo."

BusinessWeek "Just How Stimulating Are Those Checks?" Research co-authored by Professor of Finance Jonathan Parker was highlighted in this Aug. 28 article. Parker investigated the efficacy of the 2008 U.S. economic stimulus plan. Parker said the research indicated that the rebates "clearly have increased household spending." Lower-income households boosted consumption most — spending 6 percent more, compared with a 3.5 percent rise across all households.

Washington Post "Bad Begets Worse: How the Mortgage Giants Lead The Market Deeper Into Crisis." In this Aug. 22 article, the Donald C. Clark/HSBC Professor of Finance Deborah Lucas was quoted about the government's rescue plan, which she said was designed to restore confidence in companies and the financial markets, of which the mortgage market is a significant part.

Globe and Mail (Canada) "Maple Leaf moves into crisis mode." This Aug. 21 article quotes Daniel Diermeier, IBM Distinguished Professor of Regulation and Competitive Practice, discussing food-processing company Maple Leaf and its recent recall. "They face a very, very difficult challenge here and it's very important that they have stepped forward and accepted responsibility," Diermeier said. "They have chosen to protect their brand, rather than protecting their legal liability. This is correct – they can deal with legal issues later, after they've rescued the brand." He said the company is making the right moves to regain consumers' trust, and added that it's essential for the firm to show concern for its customers, regardless of potential lawsuits.

Wall Street Journal "Companies Try to Extend Researchers' Productivity." The Aug. 17 article highlights research by Benjamin Jones, associate professor of management and strategy, who states, "Innovators are productive over a narrowing span of their life."

The Economist "Perfecting pitches: As belts tighten, marketing teams are finding ways to do more with less." "Some firms now have cover to raise their prices without alienating customers," said Julie Hennessy, clinical professor of marketing, in this Aug. 14 article. The story reports that high energy and commodity prices have made it easier for firms to push through their own increases. "NBA stars learn the business plays." The Aug. 28 article highlights the Kellogg School's inaugural executive education program designed for NBA players. The four-day program covers topics including business leadership, negotiations, brand building and investing. Jointly developed by the National Basketball Players Association, the scheme follows a similar Kellogg program, which teaches business skills to professional NFL players.

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