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Faculty in the Media

Kellogg School professors offer their expertise on a variety of topics, from finance and marketing to strategy and economics. Some recent media stories involving Kellogg faculty include:

  Dean Sally Blount
  Jennifer Brown
  Brayden King
  Joshua Rauh
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The Economist: "Kellogg's new dean: Stop, look and listen." On March 30, the magazine highlighted the appointment of Sally Blount as Kellogg's new dean. From the article: "Kellogg is a school with a long history, having begun life in 1908. Its last two deans were both long-standing and highly regarded …. 'They have had such strong leadership,' says the dean [Sally Blount]. 'It was an interesting set of skills [the selection committee was] trying to combine. I'm known for being a bridge-builder; a true university citizen.'"

Bloomberg TV: "BP's Big Problem." Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations Brayden King on June 7 discussed BP's handling of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Marker (Israel): A June 7 article profiled a study on how employees' actions and commitment can be influenced by their reflection on "what if" scenarios. Kellogg co-authors included Adam Galinsky, the Morris and Alice Kaplan Professor of Ethics and Decision in Management, Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations Brayden King and Visiting Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations Hal Ersner-Hershfield.

CNBC (Street Signs): "The Next Crisis & Your Money." Associate Professor of Finance Joshua Rauh on May 24 discussed the impending state pension crisis and his reform plan.

USA Today: "Underwater mortgages drain equity, dampen retirement." This March 24 article highlights Financial Trust Index research co-authored by Finance Professor Paola Sapienza on strategic mortgage loan defaults.

ABC World News Now: Professor of Management & Strategy Aaron Gellman commented May 3 on the airline merger between United and Continental.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: "What Health-Care Reform Really Means for Big Business." On April 29, David Dranove, the Walter J. McNerney Professor of Health Industry Management, discussed how healthcare reform will affect large businesses.

Wall Street Journal: "The Superstar Effect." In an April 3 article, Assistant Management & Strategy Professor Jennifer Brown commented on the impact a dominant player, such as Tiger Woods, can have on others in a competitive situation. Brown suggests that the presence of superstars can be "de-motivating" in a wide variety of competitions, from the sales office to the law firm. "Most people assume that competing against an elite performer makes everyone else step up their game and perform better," Brown said. "But the Tiger Woods data demonstrate that the opposite can also occur. It doesn't matter if the superstar is an athlete or a corporate vice president. After all, why should we invest a lot of energy in a tournament that we're probably going to lose?"

Asian News International: "Abstract thinkers respond better to ads depicting mixed emotions." This April 20 article profiled a study by Angela Lee, the Mechthild Esser Nemmers Professor of Marketing, examining how people respond to ads that portray mixed emotions.

Globe and Mail (Canada): "Lexus woes add to Toyota's year of troubles." On April 15, Clinical Professor of Marketing Tim Calkins commented on Toyota's handling of the Lexus brand in response to widely publicized rollover fears. Years ago, "Toyota made an interesting move in launching Lexus as a separate brand," Calkins said. "That has helped protect Lexus a little bit as Toyota has struggled. The problem now is that Lexus gets dragged into the Toyota story and the brands together take a really significant hit."

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