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  Photo © Nathan Mandell

'These banks have every incentive to take reckless risks. They get the upside. They get the extreme bonuses, and the downside belongs to you.'

Simon Johnson, MIT Sloan School of Management professor and co-author of 13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown (Kellogg Distinguished Lecture Series, May 20) Read the full article

Joseph DePinto-  
Photo © Carlos J Ortiz  

'Invert the pyramid — put the customer first, followed by strategy. Then take all your infrastructure and put it to use to meet customers' needs.'

Joseph M. DePinto '99, 7-Eleven president and CEO (speech to students, May 13) Read the full article

  Photo © Chris Guillen

'I am skeptical of the view that financial crises can be prevented with certainty. We need to prepare for such events, even while we aim to avoid them.'

Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank (Kellogg Distinguished Lecture Series, April 27) Read the full article

Photo © Carlos J Ortiz  

'Is religion of the 21st century going to be a bubble of isolation, a barrier of division, a bomb of destruction or a bridge to cross? Which is it going to be?'

Eboo Patel, founder of Interfaith Youth Core and member of President Barack Obama's Faith Advisory Council (Kellogg MOSAIC Week keynote speech, April 21) Read the full article

  Photo © Nathan Mandell

'We didn't have 18 months to wait to change the culture. Our fan base was indifferent, which was the worst place they could be.'

John McDonough, Chicago Blackhawks president, on his efforts to turn around the 2010 Stanley Cup-winning organization after ESPN called it the 'worst sports franchise' in 2004 (Executive MBA Luncheon Speaker Series talk, April 16) Read the full article

Photo © Karen Hoyt  

'Don't listen to what the marketplace is telling you. Think about how you want to run your business. The future of investing is getting back to basics.'

Penny Pritzker, board chairman for TransUnion, Classic Residence by Hyatt, The Parking Spot and Pritzker Realty (panel discussion on the future of real estate, April 6) Read the full article

  Photo © Karen Hoyt

'I couldn't save 3,000 jobs, but I couldn't lose 3,000 jobs. We had to look at it that way.'

Tony Hunter, publisher, president and CEO of Chicago Tribune Media Group, on cutting 25 percent of the company's workforce after it filed for bankruptcy (Executive MBA Luncheon Speaker Series talk, March 19) Read the full article

Photo © Dan Dry  

'For those first two or three years, you're going to work really hard and make sacrifices so you can differentiate yourself. I think early in your career you have to commit to doing that, so you can have flexibility later on.'

Carole Brown '89, senior managing director of Siebert Brandford Shank & Co. (panel discussion on career management, May 18) Read the full article

  Photo © Nathan Mandell

'We had 46 unaligned compensation plans. We bought computers from 12 different manufacturers. We weren't leveraging the scale of a $2 billion business.'

Gary McCullough '87, Career Education Corporation president and CEO, who oversaw a turnaround of the firm after joining it in 2007 (keynote speech at the Kellogg Turnaround Management Conference, April 7) Read the full article

Photo © Nathan Mandell  

'Kidney exchanges give us some of the benefits of money without the use of money. And that's why I think they are a great market-design approach to try to increase the number of kidney transplants in a world where it is illegal to sell kidneys.'

Alvin Roth, the George Gund Professor of Economics and Business Administration at Harvard University, on one of the practical applications of game theory and market design (2010 Nancy L. Schwartz Memorial Lecture, May 26) Read the full article

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