Kellogg World Alumni Magazine Summer 2010

Letter from the Dean

Dear fellow alumni,

As a Kellogg alumna and new dean of the school, I have a profound sense of "coming home." In addition to nostalgia, this homecoming evokes emotions very much like those I experienced as a new Kellogg student in 1988.

  Dean Sally Blount
  Dean Sally Blount Photo © Callie Lipkin

It was a feeling of tremendous excitement — that I had arrived someplace very special. I felt Kellogg's dynamism, the energy of innovation, a unique sense of community and of greater meaning and purpose. I wanted very much to be a part of that. Today, I still feel every bit of that excitement and energy. More deeply than ever, I am part of it.

As proud as I am to lead this institution I love, I stand in awe of the great deans, such as Don Jacobs and Dipak Jain, in whose footsteps I follow.  As you know so well from personal experience, under their leadership and that of others who served before, Kellogg has become world-renowned as an innovator in business research and education.

In a single generation, the Kellogg School has redefined the meaning of leadership. Our alumni are successful leaders with the intellect and business acumen to thrive and prosper in a complex, networked society. They are exceptional leaders with the compassion and social conscience to lead in ways that make an indelible, positive impact on the world of business and beyond.

Yet, we at Kellogg never rest on past accomplishments. As true as we must remain to the principles that have made us great for more than a century — world-class research and academics, our culture of innovation and collaboration, and our sense of community — it will be my role to help Kellogg make the successful transition into our second century of greatness.

Absolutely critical to our success is a fully engaged alumni community. I need your support and participation to shape the next chapter of the Kellogg experience. To that end, I am committed to building a rich, collaborative, truly catalytic network of Kellogg connections that span the globe. I will also ensure that the required infrastructure is in place to do so.

I will call on — and count on — you, my amazing fellow alumni, to join with me as partners in realizing this vision. In the truest Kellogg spirit, I look forward with optimism and excitement to this great collaboration.


Sally Blount

Sally Blount

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