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Kellogg School professors offer their expertise on a variety of topics, from finance and marketing to strategy and economics. Some recent media stories involving Kellogg professors include:

Daniel Diermeier  
Daniel Diermeier  
Camelia Kuhnen  
Camelia Kuhnen  
Michael Mazzeo  
Michael Mazzeo  
Russell Walker  
Russell Walker
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ABC World News with Charles Gibson and Good Morning America: On Feb. 1, Clinical Professor of Marketing Tim Calkins discussed the tone of this year's Super Bowl advertising. "Even now in a tough economy, people will step up to spend millions of dollars to run an ad for 30 seconds," Calkins observed on Good Morning America.

The Economist: "Manners Maketh the Businessman." Adam Galinsky, the Morris and Alice Kaplan Professor of Ethics and Decision in Management, commented Feb. 12 on the shift in managerial behavior in the wake of the economic meltdown. "During this crisis, when there is so much uncertainty about who will end up having power, the best strategy is to be civil to everyone," Galinsky said.

Financial Times: "Fortune Favours the Well-Prepared." In the newspaper's Mastering Management series, Senior Lecturer of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences Russell Walker wrote Jan. 29 about risk management strategies to sustain companies in an economic downturn.

Reuters: "Survey Finds Little Trust in U.S. Financial System." On Jan. 27, Associate Professor of Finance Paola Sapienza discussed the Financial Trust Index (see "Measuring Trust") and the impact of governmental intervention on confidence in the market. "When people invest in the stock market it's a leap of faith," she said. "They need to be able to trust their broker and trust that the financial information they receive is reliable. … This crisis has opened up the eyes of people to the idea that the mechanisms needed to protect their investments simply aren't working."

The Miami Herald: "My View: Businesses Must Adapt as Rules of Marketing Change." In a Jan. 26 essay, Kellogg Dean Dipak C. Jain discussed the future of marketing. "Global competition in a world marked by complex geopolitical and cultural forces is pushing marketers to possess other skills … including the ability to anticipate change, the courage to manage ambiguity and the willingness to adapt to new circumstances to capture value," Jain wrote.

FOX Business News: "Refocusing Business Education." Associate Professor of Management and Strategy Michael Mazzeo commented Jan. 6 on the state of management education and the importance of experiential learning during the economic downturn.

Investor's Business Daily: "Jobs' Exit Paves Way For Cook." On Jan. 15, Thomas Lys, the Eric L. Kohler Chair in Accounting, discussed the questions about Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs' health and their impact on the company's value. "Silence is often interpreted as the worst possible news," Lys said. "To the extent that it's not the worst possible news, you have an economic incentive to disclose more."

Chicago Tribune: "Social Entrepreneurs Mix Business, Mission."  Current thinking suggests social entrepreneurs can have a bigger impact with a for-profit firm, Daniel Diermeier, IBM Professor of Regulation and Competitive Practice, said in a Dec. 15 article. "In many cases, it is easier to attract capital for a for-profit venture," Diermeier said. "Attracting that capital will allow them to grow faster, have a bigger impact and be better managed."

BBC News: "Genes Fuel Financial Risk-Taking." A Feb. 11 report profiles research on genetics and financial risk taking, co-authored by Assistant Professor of Finance Camelia Kuhnen.

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