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Frontiers of Macroeconomics
Shanghai, China, December 2018

Frontiers in International Macroeconomics
Rennes, France, June 2018

Northwestern Macro Conference
Evanston, IL, May 2018

Macroeconomic issues after the crisis
Hotel "Il Melograno", June 2017

Business Cycles, Financial markets, and Monetary Policy
With Special Applications to China

Beijing, China, August 2016

Recent Developments in MacroEconomics
Alghero at Hotel El Faro, July 2016

Macroeconomics Alumni Conference
Evanston, IL, February 2016

Conference on Housing and Househould Debt
Evanston, IL, November 2015
Co-sponsored with Guthrie Center for Real Estate Research and Kellogg Public-Private Interface Iniciative

Conference in Memory of Dale Mortensen
Aarhus, Denmark, October 2014
Co-sponsored with Aarhus University

Aggregate Fluctuations: Causes and Consequences
Ortigia, Italy, June 2014
Co-sponsored by University College London, CSEF, University of Naples and CFM, University of Cambridge

Macroeconomic Policies and Business Cycles
Shanghai, China, March 2014
Co-sponsored by the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tsinghua University, the Bank of Cana da and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Financial Frictions, Sentiments and Aggregate Fluctuations
Co-sponsored by Tsinghua University
Beijing, China, August 2012

International Conference on Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy
Moscow, Russia, June 2012.
Co-sponsored by the Higher School of Economics and New Economic School.

The Macroeconomics of Financial Market Imperfections and Housing Markets
Jerusalem, Israel, March 2011.
Co-sponsored with the Pinhas Sapir Center for Development Tel Aviv University and the Reserve Bank of Israel.

Monetary Policy
Wellington, New Zealand , December 2009.
Co-sponsored with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Asset Markets, Nominal Contracts, and Monetary Policy
Munich, Germany, June 2009.
Co-sponsored with the Center for Advanced Studies, University of Munich

XI Workshop in International Economics
Montevideo, Uruguay, March 2009.
Co-sponsored with the Central Bank of Uruguay.

Financial Markets, International Capital Flows, and Exchange Rates
Florence, Italy, December 2008.
Co-sponsored by the Pierre Werner Chair Programme, European University Institute.

X Workshop in International Economics and Finance
Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2008.
Co-sponsored by the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association, and the World Bank.

Monetary Policy and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Open Economies
Hong Kong, China, June 2007.
Co-sponsored by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

Advances in Open Economy Macroeconomics
Mumbai, India, March 2007.
Co-sponsored by the Reserve Bank of India and the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research.

Macroeconomic Fluctuations, Risk and Policy
Toulouse, France, September 2006.
Co-sponsored by the Banque de France and the Institut d'Economie Industrielle, Université Sciences Sociales de Toulouse.

Inflation, Interest Rates and Relative Prices
Florence, Italy, June 2005. 
Co-sponsored by the Pierre Werner Chair Programme, European University Institute.

The Determinants of Growth and Development
Tokyo, Japan, July 2004. 
Co-sponsored by the University of Tokyo.

Open Macroeconomics Models and Policy Analysis
Montreal, Canada, April 2004. 
Co-sponsored by the University of Quebec and the Bank of Canada.

Exchange Rates, Prices and the International Transmission Mechanism
Rome, Italy, June 2003.
Co-sponsored by the Banca d'Italia and the Università di Roma Tre.