Ec 731: Market Organization and Public Policy (Fall 2014)



Lecture Notes

Module 1: Pricing Behavior

Module 2: Monopoly & Welfare Loss

Module 3: Natural Monopolies

Module 4: Price Fixing

Module 5: Welfare Analysis of Horizontal Mergers

Module 6: Mergers in a Dynamic World

Module 7: DOJ / FTC Merger Guidelines

Module 8: Exclusionary Vertical Contracts: Introduction

Module 9: Competing for Exclusive Vertical Contracts

Module 10: Procompetitive Justifications for Exclusive Contracts

Module 11: Innovation & Patents

Module 12: Antitrust in Innovative Industries

Presentation Assignments

Price Fixing

Chi (Date: Nov. 5): Athey, Bagwell and Sanchirico, (2004), "Collusion and Price Rigidity", Review of Economic Studies.

Arthur, Phil and Bruno (Date: Nov. 10): Armstrong and Sappington, (2004), "Recent Developments in the Theory of Regulation", in Handbook of Industrial Organization, eds. Armstrong and Porter   [Slides].

Horizontal Mergers & Merger Policy

Rong-Chen (Date: Nov. 18): Nocke and Whinston, (2013), "Merger Policy with Merger Choice", American Economic Review   [Slides].

Exclusionary Vertical Contracts

Sanghoon and Zsolt: (Date: Dec. 3): Segal and Whinston, (2000), "Robust Predictions for Bilateral Contracting with Externalities", Econometrica.

Macy (Siyi) and Chenlu: (Date: Dec. 3): Martimont, (1996), "Exclusive Dealing, Common Agency, and Multiprincipal Incentive Theory", RAND Journal of Economics.

Richard (Date: Dec. 10): Grossman and Hart, (1986), "The Costs and Benefits of Ownership: A Theory of Vertical and Lateral Integration", Journal of Political Economy.

Innovation and Patent Policy

Andy and Lingfeng (Date: Dec. 10): Segal and Whinston, (2010), "Property Rights", in The Handbook of Organizational Economics, eds. Gibbons and Roberts.


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