Stacy Stone

Stacy Singer Stone
Director, Commercial Technology, Astellas Pharma US

Stacy Singer Stone is Director, Commercial Technology at Astellas Pharma US. She earned her Kellogg Executive Scholar Certificate in Leadership and attended programs such as Delivering Business Growth and Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation. Her career also includes positions in business development and sales at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and she received her Master's in Integrated Marketing Communications and BS degrees from Northwestern University. Here, she discusses how her time at Kellogg has influenced and informed her career and her approach to leadership and strategy.

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Do you have examples of things you took away from your time at Kellogg that have stuck with you back at the office?

  • The blank-check concept resonated with me — the idea of unleashing your people and giving them the resources and staffing to be successful. The other concept is how one defines innovation. I never had a tangible way to define it. It’s a state of mind, how you tie things together in a new way and not necessarily merely coming up with new things. It helped me define what I was already doing in terms of innovation.

Is lifelong learning something you focus on at your company? If so, how do you see Kellogg helping with that?

  • It’s part of the culture at my company, which was extremely supportive in sending me. It shows their confidence in me that they’re willing to invest in me. I always present the lessons learned and the things we can implement to my leadership team.

How did exposure to executives from all over the world help broaden your perspective?

  • Every program included a good representation of the world. I’m in a global role, and the international people offered me a nice perspective. Other international attendees have different insights based on the country they come from.

If a peer asked you whether they should attend a program at Kellogg, what would you tell them and why?

  • I found the most value in meeting peers in other industries and being able to bounce ideas off of them. Talking to people at different levels of their careers was my biggest takeaway. It was huge. Also, the caliber of the professors — I learned something different from each and every one of them. There was a blend of industry veterans and professors. I enjoyed the classes that had a mixture of academia and practitioners.

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