New Frontiers in Social Impact

Taking your private sector skills and experience and applying them to the social impact effort can be incredibly fulfilling and drive real outcomes. Whether you’re hoping to transition your career, dedicate time to strategic volunteering, engage in impact investing, launch a social startup or become a board member, you’ll need to understand the landscape and possibilities across the realm of social impact.

This executive education program will introduce you to the social sector, from nonprofits to impact investing, sustainability, social enterprise and more. The program will provide a baseline understanding of the funding streams, mechanisms of impact, cutting-edge trends and opportunities, breadth of ways to engage and more. In addition, we will explore actionable paths towards applying your professional skills and experience in the impact sector, including complete career shifts, pro bono engagement, strategic volunteerism, philanthropy and investment opportunities.

Center for Nonprofit Management

Use your corporate world skills to drive impact in nonprofit organizations.


Who Should Attend

  • Leaders considering a career transition from the corporate sector to the social sector
  • Anyone wishing to engage as a strategic volunteer, as a board member or donor
  • Professionals interested in engaging in impact investing or in support of social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship
  • Those with some knowledge of the nonprofit or social sectors and seeking a broader understanding
  • Forward-thinking business and private sector leaders interested in weaving social impact into their work and life

Key Benefits

  • Understand how to translate corporate skills to the nonprofit sector
  • Discover opportunities for engaging with causes important to you
  • Learn fundraising strategies that drive change in the nonprofit sector

Program Content

  • SDGs
    • Learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and about the breadth of areas and challenges included when we consider sustainability and impact.
    • Explore frameworks and current developments in sustainability and social impact
    • Consider action steps related to SDGs
  • Venture Capital & Social Entrepreneurship
    • Explore the spectrum of impact capital, social and sustainability entrepreneurship
    • Uncover capital approaches for impact
    • Become familiar with several frameworks for assessing potential ventures for both impact and returns
  • Impact in Your Investing
    • Define the intersection of impact and finance through the lens of personal and institutional investment decision-making
    • Understand the tools, platforms, and frameworks when considering and assessing potential portfolio approaches and decisions related to impact and sustainability
  • Strategic Philanthropy
    • Gain an inside view of strategic philanthropy – an approach in which philanthropic decision-making is undertaken with scrutiny and discernment more often seen in venture capital investing. By the end of this session,
    • Learn tools and frames to approach their philanthropic given with a sharp focus on impact levers and potential for growth and scale.
  • Impact Measurement
    • Discover the ins and outs of impact management, measurement and disclosure
    • Gain resources for impact and sustainability measurement and reporting for the future
  • Measure for Continuous Improvement
    • Understand key trends in social sector measurement
    • Uncover some of the nuances of continuous improvement and discuss strategies for measuring and sharing impact
  • Nonprofits Today & Board Governance
    • Understand the nuances of nonprofit organizations including structure, operations and governance
    • Identify the key roles and responsibilities of members of the board
  • CSR
    • Explore social impact and sustainability with a corporate engagement lens
    • case learnings and exercises to help participants step into decision-making positions when it comes to c-suite decision-making around local impact, human and civil rights issues, sustainability strategy, public messaging and transparency, and more. Students will complete this session with an appreciation for this fast-moving time of
    • expectation and exposure for corporations and their leaders today.
  • Multi-Sector Collaboration
    • Explore and understand the different types of impact organizations
    • Discuss the characteristics of the various impact organizations as well as the benefits and limitations to each
    • Bringing it all together, Profession Kashner will lead participants in an exercise and consideration of how it all fits together (or how, at times, it does not). Considering perspectives and levers available to investors, philanthropy, corporate leaders, nonprofit leaders, and public players, participants will engage in the difficult decision-making that is born of the wealth of resources and array of constraints and realities faced when we seek to collaborate for impact and progress. By the close of this session, participants will have a realistic view of the vast opportunities as paired with significant challenges tha come into play when we seek to forge collaboration between institutions and players in pursuit of sustainability.


Megan Kashner - Academic Director; Clinical Assistant Professor & Director of Social Impact, Kellogg Public-Private Interface; Founder and CEO, Benevolent

Elise Madrick - Academic Director; Associate Director, Nonprofit Executive Programs

William Towns - Adjunct Professor in Kellogg’s Sustainability and Social Impact Program

Pranav Kothari - Adjunct Lecturer of Social Enterprise, Kellogg School of Management; Founder & CEO, Revolution Impact, LLC; Prior – VP, Strategy & Innovation, KnowledgeWorks; Co-Founder & MD, Mission Measurement

Malcolm Preston - Adjunct Professor in Kellogg’s Sustainability and Social Impact Program

Lloyd Kurtz - Visiting Scholar, Senior Portfolio Manager, Wells Fargo

Allison Henry - Clinical Assistant Professor in Kellogg’s Social Impact Program, Director of the Golub Capital Board Fellows Program

Evelyn Fitzgerald - Executive Director, Social Venture Partners, Chicago

Tasha Seitz - Adjunct Lecturer of Global Initiatives in Management; Chief Investment Officer, Impact Engine; Chairman of the Board, Spark Ventures

Accommodations, Fees & Policies


In-person Nonprofit Management Programs are held at Northwestern University's Chicago Campus.

James L Allen Center
2169 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208

Application Deadline

The deadline for registration is 10:00am one business day prior to the program start date.

Scholarship Assistance

Up to 50% scholarships are available for all of our nonprofit executive education programs for those working in nonprofit organizations. All applications are initially submitted at the full list price. Each is reviewed by our registrar and any scholarships granted will be reflected in the amount applied to your invoice or charged to your credit card.

Hospitality during the Program

We strive to provide healthy meal choices for our participants for breakfast, lunch and breaks. We typically provide a range of choices, including some vegetarian-friendly and gluten-avoidant selections. We cannot meet all dietary preferences, but we will do our best to accommodate health restrictions, religious restrictions and food allergies.


Participants are responsible for booking their hotel accommodations during their stay in Chicago.

Download Nearby Hotels List

Cancellation Policy

Participants must notify the Program Manager five business days in advance of the program start date if they are unable to attend. Otherwise, participants will be charged 20% of the stated program fees.

When canceling a program registration, participants may choose to rollover their payment to a future program or receive a refund. Participants are allowed three rollovers, after the third rollover, participants forfeit the money paid to the Center for Nonprofit Management.

*Refund or rollover must be requested at the time of the program cancellation. Once a program payment has been rolled over, a monetary refund is no longer an option. The participant must continue with the rollover process.

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