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Science for Managers

in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medical School

Taught by a team of world-class faculty from Northwestern University and Johns Hopkins University, this program will help you develop a practical and foundational knowledge of the life sciences as it applies to your business environment. Through a blend of engaging lectures, interactive exercises and discussions with your peers, you will explore issues surrounding innovation, technology trends, networks, product development, safety data evaluation and more.

You will gain a deeper understanding for the role of science and technology in shaping your industry. You will learn how to better communicate and perform in this complex environment. And you’ll know how to leverage science and innovation to position your organization for long-term success.
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Upcoming Sessions

  1. CEOs and executives of companies in the biomedical sector
  2. Venture capitalists involved in biotechnology company development
  3. Business development executives involved in assessing or acquiring biotechnology companies 
  4. Consultants entering the biotech arena
  5. Marketing professionals in life sciences companies
  6. Analysts who evaluate current technologies
During this course, you will:

  1. Gain a practical understanding of the vocabulary used in the life sciences
  2. Understand the basic foundations of current technologies shaping various industries
  3. Develop an instinct for technical trends on the horizon
  4. Recognize product development hurdles during the processes of design, manufacturing and clinical trials
  5. Understand regulatory issues and safety data evaluation
The Building Blocks Of Science
  1. The fundamental blocks and interaction systems in the human body (cells, genetic material, proteins, receptors, communication and defense)
  2. Why and when biological systems malfunction and the consequences
Creating The Toolbox
  1. Tools that scientists use to create products — genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, cloning, expression systems, monoclonal antibodies — and their therapeutic application
Transforming Science Into Products
  1. The fundamentals of product development and clinical design
  2. How to develop scalable products and interpret clinical data
Sangeeta Vohra - Academic Director; Visiting Clinical Associate Professor of Executive Education

Jason Brickner - Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biosciences, Northwestern University

Rex L. Chisholm - Adam and Richard T. Lind Professor of Medical Genetics, Northwestern University

Richard Gaber - Professor of Molecular Biosciences, Northwestern University

Craig W. Hendrix, M.D. - Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

Drew Pardoll, M.D. - Seraph Professor of Oncology, Johns Hopkins University

Richard Silverman, PhD - John Evans Professor of Chemistry, Northwestern University

Justin B. Starren, M.D. - Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine, Northwestern University

C. Shad Thaxton - Assistant Professor of Urology, Northwestern University

Northwestern University – Downtown Chicago campus
Wieboldt Hall
Kellogg Conference Center
340 East Superior Street
Maps and Directions

Avenue Hotel Chicago
160 E Huron St.
Tel: 312-787-2900
Rooms are blocked at a reduced rate till a month before the program
Hotel is two blocks from Wieboldt Hall 

The Mile North Hotel
166 E. Superior Street
Tel: 866-980-9717 
(special Northwestern rate depending on room availability; rooms are not blocked)

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