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Customer Insight Tools: Turning Insight into Effective Marketing Strategies

Increase Profitability and Customer Loyalty

Professor SchiefferDesigned for leaders in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments, this highly interactive program will inspire you to ask the right questions — and make the right decisions — to build strong marketing plans and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Through engaging lectures, topical discussions and collaborative exercises, you will learn how the right blend of qualitative and quantitative tools can deliver powerful insights into customer needs and perceptions. With knowledge gleaned from the program’s all-star faculty, you will be prepared to use customer insights to position your firm ahead of the pack.
  1. Executives in any size firm (both B2B and B2C) who commission, use and make decisions based upon market research
  2. Managers who conduct market research but are not formally trained in market research techniques
During this program, you will learn to:
  1. Understand the importance of a customer insight- driven business strategy
  2. Hard-wire the voice of the customer throughout your organization
  3. Develop an insightful relationship with customers by understanding their rational and emotional needs
  4. Understand the role of ethnography in developing new customer insights
  5. Understand how neuromarketing is transforming how marketers gain deep insight into how customers decide
  6. Obtain more accurate forecasts for new products
  7. Gain maximum value from your market research expenditures

Creating a Customer-Insight-Driven Organization

  1. Start with customer empathy
  2. Learn how to remove the filters that block customer insight
  3. Create a culture that critically listens to customers
  4. Understand the rational and emotional needs of customers
  5. Understand the impact of early childhood memories on current preferences and behavior
  6. Learn how to use contextual tools to drive innovation
  7. Understand emerging trends in customer insight: neuromarketing, netnography and online customer communities

Understanding B2C Consumers – Qualitative Research Tools

  1. Observation and ethnography
  2. Individual depth interviews and focus groups
  3. Projective techniques
  4. Archetype research

Understanding B2B Consumers – Qualitative Research Tools

  1. Customer visit programs
  2. Customer advisory panels
  3. Outcomes-focused versus solutions-focused approaches

Qualitative Tools

  1. Strategic research for market segmentation
  2. Targeting the right segment
  3. Strategic research for positioning and messaging strategy
  4. Pricing methods
  5. Product optimization; conjoint analysis


New Product Forecasting Tools

  1. Information acceleration
  2. Simulated test markets
  3. Prediction markets
Robert Schieffer - Academic Director; Senior Lecturer of Marketing

Eric T Anderson - Hartmarx Professor of Marketing; Chair of Marketing Department; Director of the Center for Global Marketing Practice

Lisa A Fortini-Campbell - Adjunct Professor of Executive Education

Lakshman Krishnamurthi - A. Montgomery Ward Professor of Marketing

Angela Lee - Mechthild Esser Nemmers Professor of Marketing

Lori Sheehan - Visiting Professor; Founding Partner, Loran Marketing Group

What Past Participants Say

  • "A well-targeted program to help "unlock the black box" of insight techniques for the professional without a formal marketing background."
    - Group Senior VP, LaSalle Business Credit
  • "Really helpful up-to-date tools and expertise I can use. Excellent organization and knowledgeable faculty."
    - Account Director, Progression

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