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Marketing Healthcare Products

For Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostics, and Medical Device Marketers

Participants in classWithout question, the healthcare and medical products industry is in the midst of rapid change. Mergers, alliances, consolidations, innovations and legislative changes are presenting both challenges and opportunities. We are in an era of big winners and big losers, as well-known brands are rising or faltering in the face of new products and competitors.

This program will help you understand how to navigate this ever-shifting landscape, learning from the mistakes — as well as the achievements — of executives, companies and industry segments. In the company of faculty and peers who know the industry best, you’ll engage in deep discussions about trends and innovations that are reshaping healthcare and how to leverage these changes to create powerful marketing strategies.

Upcoming Sessions

  1. Marketing, sales or general management executives from pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics or medical device companies
  2. Individuals from companies that market to medical providers
  3. Medical product consultants
In this program you will:
  1. Track trends, ideas and innovations that will reshape healthcare and healthcare products
  2. Develop a framework and marketing strategy based on customer value disciplines
  3. Assess approaches for making better strategic growth decisions
  4. Strengthen negotiating skills
  5. Create a new products/services strategy based on an effective marketing plan
  6. Target the right customer segments to develop successful relationships
  7. Analyze brand-building strategies and measure brand equity
  8. Understand the relationship of nonmarket factors to marketing strategies

Evolution of the Market

  1. Explore healthcare legislation, trends, ideas and innovations
  2. Discuss implications for both providers and suppliers

Product and Brand Positioning

  1. Build, leverage and rejuvenate brands for the long term
  2. Learn keys to new product development processes
  3. Evaluate strategic options for launching new products in established and emerging categories
  4. Develop customer-focused strategies, products and services

Investments and Strategic Alliances

  1. Learn how good investment decisions combine financial analysis, strategic thinking and a deep understanding of the market
  2. Create and manage strategic alliances such as joint ventures, vertical and horizontal integrations, licensing agreements, buyer/supplier partnerships and mergers

Politics, Public Perceptions and Managing Brand Crises

  1. Anticipate how nonmarket interests may influence the market environment
  2. Acquire frameworks and tools for analyzing nonmarket interests
  3. Review tactics for responding to a competitive attack or managing a brand crisis

Negotiating Productive Agreements

  1. Gain insight on reaching agreements with other employee groups, outside agencies, vendors and customers
  2. Participate in a simulated negotiation exercise on intellectual property strategy
Joel Shalowitz - Academic Director; Professor of Preventive Medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine; Professor of Executive Education (Courtesy)

Timothy Calkins - Clinical Professor of Marketing

Gregory Carpenter - James Farley/Booz Allen Hamilton Professor of Marketing Strategy; Director of the Center for Market Leadership; Faculty Director, Kellogg Markets and Customers Initiative (KMCI)

James Gerard Conley - Clinical Professor of Technology

Daniel Diermeier

Julie Hennessy - Clinical Professor of Marketing

Harry M. Kraemer - Clinical Professor of Strategy

Leigh Thompson - J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations; Professor of Management & Organizations; Director of Kellogg Team and Group Research Center; Professor of Psychology, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences (Courtesy)

Edward Zajac - James F. Bere Professor of Management & Organizations;

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