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Leading Family Enterprises

Lead Your Family Company Forward

Kellogg Executive
Leadership Institute
Ivan Landsberg

Specially designed for family enterprise leaders, this program will help you learn how to lead the family as well as the enterprise. The Kellogg School’s Center for Family Enterprises has developed a comprehensive curriculum to strengthen your capacity to navigate the complexities of a family business successfully.

Through interactive lectures and personalized coaching, you will learn how best to manage the strategic and personal dilemmas at the core of these dynamic enterprises. You will discover how to build credibility with the community, family shareholders, the board and the management team while being respectful to your forbearers. Master your understanding of governance and accountability while still retaining the autonomy necessary for effective decision making. Learn how to strike an optimal balance between family and work obligations that allows for sustainable self-renewal.

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Upcoming Sessions

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    May 1-5, 2016
    Fee includes lodging and most meals
If you are an emerging leader of an enterprising family who is, or aspires to be, in a position of influence in either the family or the enterprise, this program is designed for you. New CEOs or CEO candidates, Family Council Chairs, Family Foundation Chairs, Family Office Heads, Family Directors, or Trustees are encouraged to attend.
In this course, you will:
  1. Obtain innovative ways to lead culture, long-term strategy and organizational change
  2. Assess your leadership style and create a personal action plan with one-on-one coaching
  3. Discover how best to manage the many stakeholders of a family enterprise
  4. Develop your personal leadership philosophy and identify ways to engage others in your vision
  5. Discuss the special challenges and skills needed to earn trust and authority as a leader of a family enterprise
  6. Master your ability to work with the board of directors
Understanding Leadership in Family Enterprises
  1. Discover when, how, and why to create a leadership constellation spanning family, shareholder and management roles
  2. Learn how to balance innovation with the traditions of the family enterprise
  3. Explore how to sustain an entrepreneurial edge in your family enterprise
  4. Find out how leaders of a family enterprise can improve decision-making skills
  5. Learn to manage other relatives who are your seniors, peers and subordinates in the business
  6. Explore how to lead generational transitions effectively and graciously

Leading Shareholders and the Board of Directors
  1. Tap into shareholder needs and provide them with coherent direction
  2. Learn how to lead an effective family company board

Understanding Your Personal Leadership Style and Vision
  1. Develop your own dream, vision and mission
  2. Learn how to develop yourself as an authentic and effective leader
  3. Explore how to connect your dream with the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders and weave a compelling vision for the family enterprise
  4. Learn how to translate a dream into a viable business strategy

Balancing Work and Family
  1. Develop effective coping strategies to invigorate and sustain your leadership
  2. Learn to establish meaningful priorities for your personal and professional life

Transitioning Back to the Family Enterprise
  1. Develop your own leadership action plan for the next 100 days in the office
  2. Explore the viability of your plan with your peers
  3. Set an implementation plan that considers the ownership, the family and the enterprise

Special Features:
To extend and deepen the impact of your experience, the faculty has created a customized component which provides the support and expertise of a professional coach. Specifically designed to complement the curriculum, a coach will provide advice, support and additional resources to strengthen your leadership development through a pre-program teleconference, coaching sessions during the program and three post-program coaching sessions by phone.
Ivan Lansberg - Academic Director; Adjunct Professor of Family Enterprises and Academic Director of the Center for Family Enterprises

Michelle L. Buck - Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations

Brenda Ellington-Booth - Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations

Harry M. Kraemer - Clinical Professor of Strategy

J. Keith Murnighan - Harold H. Hines Jr. Professor of Risk Management Professor of Management & Organizations

John Ward - Clinical Professor of Family Enterprise Co-Director of the Center for Family Enterprises

Featured Faculty Video

  • Professor John Ward and Ivan Lansberg

What Past Participants Say

  • “This program was spectacular. Through conversations with the participants and faculty, this is the first time I felt that others understood the complexity of leading a family business.”
    Attorney, Guaranty Service Group
  • “Interesting program that covers a wide spectrum of topics on family business and that gives a lot of inspiration and energy.”
    Director & CEO, Dool Industries
  • “Experience, youth and diversification make this a program like no other. You can relate to all participants and apply it to your own situation, no matter how different it may seem.”
    CEO, Grupo Sarabia

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