Allen Center dining room

Many past Executive Education participants have been amused to find that life at the Allen Center seems to revolve around food, and they appreciate the expertise our staff bring to the table. An espresso café and stations for omelets, sandwiches, and salads add character to elaborate breakfast and lunch buffets. Our head chef works hard to delight your palate, creating sumptuous dinners with international flavor. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks, a cocktail hour, and well-stocked pantries for late-night snacks ensure that you will never go hungry.

Three large dining rooms and several smaller ones offer a dining experience for every occasion. Enjoy our glass-enclosed atrium and garden dining rooms, or take in the lakefront scenery from the S.C. Johnson Wax dining room. Private dining rooms accommodate small group meetings and study groups. Centrally located lounge areas have televisions and beverage service capabilities for coffee and social hours, while large outdoor decks are perfect for informal gatherings.
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