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Strategic Leadership

Seizing Opportunities in Today’s Economy

Change is the only constant in today’s global, knowledge-based economy.  In this challenging environment, nonprofit leaders must have the ability to think and act strategically in order to translate the mission into objectives and develop plans and programs that will accomplish those objectives.  This program will help leaders better understand and manage the opportunities and risks to their organizations by focusing on personal and organizational leadership strategies.

Upcoming Sessions

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    October 24-25, 2016
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    October 23-24, 2017
  1. Senior nonprofit executives and active board members responsible for shaping the direction, mission and programs of their organization 
  2. CEOs, Executive Directors and major program managers looking for new tools and approaches to make their organizations perform effectively

During this course, you will learn:

  1. New ways to think strategically about organizational issues and challenges
  2. Ways to motivate others utilizing your leadership style
  3. How to uncover true leadership style by discovering strengths, motivations and the conditions necessary for authentic and powerful leadership
  4. How to harness the power of story to develop your own leadership narrative and vision
  5. How to create an environment for leaders to move their agencies and constituents to meaningful and lasting action
  6. Leadership approaches to situations within individual organizations
Leadership Styles

For leaders to be effective, they need to develop their own distinctive styles of influence and motivation. We will discuss the various elements that make up leadership styles, as well as rhetorical tools and strategies for motivating others to take action.

Authentic Leadership

  1. Understand the power of authentic leadership by helping participants uncover their true leadership style by discovering strengths, motivations, and the conditions necessary for authentic and powerful leadership.
  2. Participants will have focused time to reflect on who they are as an authentic leader by focusing on authentic leadership strengths and authentic leadership integration.

Leading with Vision and Purpose: What’s Your Story

This interactive session addresses how leaders maximize their own performance and engage and inspire others by communicating a sense of purpose, values and vision. We will examine the daily behaviors that differentiate leaders with extraordinary impact, and focus especially on how leaders identify and develop their own “Story,” or personal narrative. Leaders also need to create a collective identity “Story,” thereby enabling them to create a compelling and inspiring vision, build strong followership, and create value and generate significant impact through their leadership. Finally, we distinguish “Story” from “story,” and the ways leaders communicate their identity Story, vision and values through the practice of storytelling. The session includes full group discussion, small group breakout sessions, reflective exercises and video clips.

Creating a Sense of Urgency for Innovation

  1. See past the organizational constraints and bureaucracies to create an environment that allows for and fosters an attitude and a willingness to embrace change.
  2. Participants will review real life case studies of meaningful and material change, in an open and collaborative environment to review best practices of innovation.

Influence Leadership: Case Study

Utilizing the power of influence and concepts from prior sessions, participants will explore how to build on their own leadership skills to engage others.
Michele Rogers - Academic Director; Clinical Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Executive Education and Director of Chicago Partnerships

Mark Achler - Adjunct Lecturer of Management & Organizations

Michelle L. Buck - Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations

Brenda Ellington-Booth - Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations

Brayden King - Professor of Management & Organizations

Brooke Vuckovic - Adjunct Lecturer of Leadership Coaching

Nonprofit Management Programs are held at Northwestern University's Chicago Campus.

Wieboldt Hall

Kellogg Conference Center
340 East Superior Street
Maps and Directions

Programs typically start promptly at 8:30 am and end by 5:00 pm each day. Once you have registered and paid for a program, you will receive a detailed schedule which includes daily start/end times, session titles, and faculty names.

Program Fees
All two and three-day programs cost $950.00 each. Up to 50% scholarships are available for all of our nonprofit executive education programs for those working in nonprofit organizations.

Application Deadline
The deadline for registration is 10:00 am one business day prior to the program start date.

Participants are responsible for booking their hotel accommodations during their stay in Chicago.
Download Recommended Hotel List

Cancellation Policy:
Participants must notify the Program Manager five business days in advance of the program start date if they are unable to attend.  Otherwise, participants will be charged 20% of the stated program fees.

When canceling a program registration, participants may choose to rollover their payment to a future program or receive a refund.  Participants are allowed three rollovers, after the third rollover, participants forfeit the money paid to the Center for Nonprofit Management.  

 *Refund or rollover must be requested at the time of the program cancellation.  Once a program payment has been rolled over, a monetary refund is no longer an option.  The participant must continue with the rollover process.

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