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Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship: New Ideas for a New Reality

Breakthrough Ideas for Nonprofits

This new executive education program will explore the concepts of innovation and social entrepreneurship and what these new ideas mean for individual organizations and the nonprofit sector as a whole.

The program will begin by looking at the topic of innovation and creativity and how nonprofit leaders can begin to think differently about fulfilling the mission of their organizations. Next, participants will gain an understanding of social entrepreneurship and look at this topic along a continuum from philanthropy-dependent nonprofit organizations to pure social enterprises. Participants will learn about the legal structures, financing, measurement, and scale of social enterprises. The program will then shift to the topic of leadership in these types of organizations – what skills the leader must have, how to build a strong team, and how to motivate the team in this high risk and highly entrepreneurial environment.

Upcoming Sessions

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    October 21-22, 2015
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    October 26-27, 2016
This seminar is designed for managers, senior executives, and board members of nonprofit organizations who wish to improve their leadership, particularly in the context of initiating and driving innovation strategies in their organizations.
During this course, you will:

  1. Explore the theory of innovation in organizations and make direct applications to the culture and strategies of the nonprofit organization
  2. Understand social entrepreneurship and the opportunities available to make large-scale social impact through the new business structures available to traditional nonprofit organizations
  3. Identify key leadership traits necessary for leading in a highly innovative and high-risk environment; look at personal leadership traits as they relate to a culture of innovation

Achieving Strategic Innovation

  1. Understand the definition of business innovation: creation of substantial or radical new value for stakeholders and the organization by dramatically changing one or more dimensions of the existing service delivery system
  2. Identify tools and tactics that will help participants implement, benchmark, and manage innovation strategies at the team and organizational level
  3. Understand the primary impediments to innovation within an organization
  4. Participants will look at a case study of a nonprofit organization that faced incredible challenges but through inspirational leadership and mission focus was able to implement game-changing innovation strategies

Social Entrepreneurship: Market-Based Models for Impact

  1. Understand who social entrepreneurs are, what they do, and where their organizations fit along the Social Venture Continuum
  2. Identify the new legal structures for impact and the management, leadership, financing, and fundraising implications for each structure
  3. Understand the importance of measuring impact including: focusing and defining which ideas to pursue, determining what is working and how to improve it, articulating the purpose and building systems and mechanisms to move forward, and the importance of transparency and accountability for both the individual and the organization

Innovative Leader as Learner

  1. Understand how “crucible” experiences impact leadership
  2. Reflect upon individual leadership lessons
  3. Consider the importance of “Grit” to innovative and entrepreneurial environments
  4. Discuss and design strategies for leading in an innovative organization – one that must promote experimentation, risks, and tolerate intelligent failure
Jamie Jones - Adjunct Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Brooke Vuckovic - Adjunct Lecturer of Leadership Coaching

Robert Wolcott - Clinical Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation Network

Nonprofit Management Programs are held at Northwestern University's Chicago Campus.

Wieboldt Hall

Kellogg Conference Center
340 East Superior Street
Maps and Directions

Programs typically start promptly at 8:30 am and end by 5:00 pm each day. Once you have registered and paid for a program, you will receive a detailed schedule which includes daily start/end times, session titles, and faculty names.

Program Fees
All two and three-day programs cost $950.00 each. Up to 50% scholarships are available for all of our nonprofit executive education programs for those working in nonprofit organizations.

Application Deadline
The deadline for registration is 10:00 am one business day prior to the program start date.

Participants are responsible for booking their hotel accommodations during their stay in Chicago.
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